BMW HID Replacement Bulbs – 6000K Garax D2S HID Bulbs

Our customer tried a replacement of his HID headlights with whiter 6000K HID bulbs for his 2005 BMW 530i.

He purchased the 6000K D2S HID headlight bulbs by Garax made of high quality material.

According to this customer’s email, these HID headlight bulbs are super bright, and can light up the headlights very nicely.

Below are some pictures he took, hope you guys like this.

BMW - 530i - 6000K - HID - headlights - 1

BMW - 530i - 6000K - HID - headlights - 2

BMW - 530i - 6000K - HID - headlights - 3

BMW - 530i - 6000K - HID - headlights - 4

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