DIY LED Strip Lights On Headlights of BMW 535i

iJDMTOY has 20" thin but flexible Audi style LED lighting strips for decorating headlights, the front of the car, or inside. Twenty inches long, these flexible LED strip lights can curve around the headlights or body to have a close fit. Using slim side shine SMD pieces, the light is not too large but powerful enough to shine brightly. The lights can be customized for the interior or used as the Audi style LED headlights featured on a BMW 535i (see below).

BMW - 535i - DRL - LED - strip - lights - 1

BMW - 535i - DRL - LED - strip - lights - 2

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Audi A5 R8 Style LED Strip Lights | LED Headlights | LED Driving Lights

(Audi side-shine LED strips shown in ultra blue) available in xenon white also.

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