LED Strip Lights For Bumper And Headlights

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Envious of other cars with daytime running light? Try some LEDs for the bumper with the 20 inch LED light strips. Put these LED strips on to stretch over the whole bumper, one on each side. These can also be placed on the headlight like many Audi headlights that look really good with both headlight and LED strip on or just the LED lights on for a daytime running light effect. You can save 10 dollars off and only pay $15.99 because of the Christmas sale. When you install these lights, these lights are side-shine so they look original on headlights. Hope you decide these lights are right for you! Thanks for shopping at iJDMTOY.

JDM Audi A5 Q5 R8 Style Xenon White Side Shine 20" SMD Flexible LED Strip Lights For Headlight Lamps (3 LEDs groups in an array)


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