LED Backup Lights for Acura TL: Equivalent to Parking and Fog Lights in Terms of Brightness

Yes, even back up lights can be switched to LED. What kind of lights do manufacturers not make nowadays? Introducing LED Backup lights for Acura TL! Now you won’t back up into cars, trash cans, pedestrians, or puppies with these bright little lights on your car’s rear. I’m kidding, we know you don’t back up into cars and trash cans.

921 LED Bulbs not only fit on your TL’s back up lights, they are also a good fit on door lights. These little bad boys will light up far brighter than the stock back up lights. These bulbs will also light up your license plate lights. The rear of a car is important too.

acura - tl - 921 - led - bulbs - backup - lights - 1

These LED Backup lights are so bright you can practically drive backwards at night. But please don’t. We won’t hold any responsibility for any car related accidents. If you’ve already have HIDs installed, LED Backup lights will match well with it. If you don’t have HIDs installed then you can still brighten up your back first.

acura - tl - 921 - led - bulbs - backup - lights - 2

The 921 LED Bulbs are made of LED SMD bulbs which are even brighter than LED! Yes, light that is brighter than LED. These LED Backup lights are equally as strong in terms of lighting as parking lights and fog lights. SMD technology allows the light illuminate much brighter and has a wider range of output just in case drivers need that extra lighting when backing up into people, I mean into a parking spot.

acura - tl - 921 - led - bulbs - backup - lights - 3

LED Backup lights also provide a unique style to one’s car. Drivers can dramatically change their car’s appearance without spending a paycheck worth of money on something useless and expensive. People need light to see. Drivers need light to drive. You probably won’t be driving backwards all day, but when you need to reverse you won’t have any trouble doing so.

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