2006 Lexus IS250 equipped with LED Knight Rider Lights

LED Knight Rider Lights 1

By the time I saw this 2006 Lexus IS250 and it’s blue and red LED Knight Rider Lights, just one thought came up in my mind: What the heck is this police car doing in front of our shop.. Hmm, this is a super cool police car! Then I suddenly realized this wasn’t a police car, but just a nice LED upgraded Lexus. Whatever, let’s tell you something more about this "police Lexus IS250".

LED Knight Rider Lights 2

As I mentioned, the vehicle is equipped with LED Knight Rider Bar, which is capable of flashing in blue, red or white light. Ain’t it that great? If you are just like those kids who want to be policemen when they grow up, then this product will definitely do the trick. After all, men are nothing more than grown up kids with more expensive toys… Just kidding.

LED Knight Rider Lights 3

But you must admit that the Super Bright 12-SMD Multi-Color LED Scanner Strip will look awesome behind the grill on any vehicle, as it is an universal fit product. The kit includes 4 pieces 7 inches long waterproof LED strips, which makes it perfect for lighting up your car exterior for show purpose even when it’s raining cats and dogs. We also provide you with a 60 ft range remote control to switch this thing on/off, change colors, or flashing patterns.

LED Knight Rider Lights 4

Installation is ultra simple – all you have to do is to mount the strips to the front grille with zip-ties, tap the back and red wires from the controller to battery positive and negative and that’s it. Then just drive after some friend of yours, switch on the LED Knight Rider Bar and make fun of poor guy’s reaction. We bet the owner of this 2006 Lexus IS250 has made many jokes with these fancy LED Knight Rider Lights.

LED Knight Rider Lights 5

LED Knight Rider Lights 6

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2011 Las Vegas SEMA Show Finale Cruise Roll Out

Brought to you by http://www.iJDMTOY.com from 2011 Las Vegas SEMA Show Finale Cruise Roll Out.

2010 Lexus IS-F with fantastic 9005 LED DRL

9005 HB3 LED Daytime Running Light BulbsLexus IS DRL 1

By looking at this "Black mamba" 2010 Lexus IS-F you just can’t miss the bright Xenon White light coming out of the LED DRL. Do you know what does "F" stands for in this model? Fuji racetrack? Flagship? Who cares! But after replacing the OEM bulbs with these 9005 LED DRL bulbs, for us F means Fantastic, "Fenomenal"! And this is exactly what most of our customers say after replacing the stock dull yellowish Daytime Running Lights and bringing their cars an awesome HID matching look.

Lexus IS DRL 2

This nice quality pair of LED bulbs is a perfect add-on to many Lexus models, including the 2006-up IS250, IS350, IS-F, GS300, GS350, GS460, ES350, LS460, as well as 2010-up RX350 and 2002-up SC430. Installation is as easy as falling off a log – simply plug and play, no modifications needed, no cutting wires, no reconnecting – just directly replace the stock 55W 9005 (aka HB3) halogen bulb on the high beam DRL function and make everyone jealous of your car’s fantastic new look.

Lexus IS DRL 3

In case you are worried whether these Lexus IS DRL bulbs will flicker, or an error message will pop up on your dashboard, we have a special decoder set for the Lexus models listed above to prevent any malfunction issues. This is all the equipment you need to tune up your vehicle’s lights.

Why spending money on HID, when you can get the HID look for less? These 68-SMD 9005 LED DRL bulbs are a heck of a nice touch to your beloved Lexus and will make it look a thousand times better. They are much brighter than other bulbs out there, and the quality you receive for your money is no less than excellent. You really can’t go wrong with purchasing this product, treat your Lexus the way it deserves, just like the owner of the 2010 Lexus IS-F does.

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2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe deserves LED Backup Lights

1.5W High Power T15 LED bulbsLED Backup Lights 1

This 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe is insane – It goes fast, it handles and it looks cool, but this guy wanted to add something more to the back of the car, and it was a proper LED Backup Lights. Most of you will probably say: "Why did you do that? This 306hp V8 baby is meant to go forward, not backward!" and there’s a big point in that statement, but we still think that safety is first. What’s the point of having 300+HP sports car and hit something while backing up in dark places?

LED Backup Lights 2

This is why we decided to present you The Brand New 1.5W High Power T15 LED bulbs with projector that will fit in most housings for backup reverse light, which means you don’t have to own a 2010 Hyundai genesis Coupe to get this great product. Don’t be fooled by the look of these bad boys – these LED bulbs look almost the same as any other LED bulbs at daytime, but wait for the night to come: this kind of high power LED bulbs is 3 times brighter than conventional LED bulbs, so you can literally see a circular projected lighting on the back wall. Most of our customers absolutely look this.

LED Backup Lights 3

There’s nothing tricky in the replacement of the old stock bulbs – with a length of 1.80 inches and diameter of 0.58 inches, this High Power LED bulb will fit in most 912, 921 or 906 housings for backup reverse light. If the bulb won’t light up, then simply plug it out, turn it 180 degrees and plug it in again. That’s it, enjoy your new car improvement.

LED Backup Lights 4

Hyundai pulled out the red carpet to launch the Genesis Coupe, a rear-drive, V-8-motivated luxury car with power and grace akin to that of a Lexus LS 460, but they certainly left room for many improvements – we just wrote about one of them – the 921 High Power LED bulb. In case you decide to increase the safety and improve the overall look of your ride and you have just one shot – this is your chance.

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2010 Mercedes E350 upgraded with 8000k D1S HID bulbs

D1S or D1R Xenon Replacement HID Light Bulbs

The 2010 Mercedes E350 is definitely a state-of-the-art luxurious vehicle, that doesn’t have too much room for improvements, but installing a pair of High Quality D1S nice and bright JDM Mercedes HID bulbs is always a good investment. This guy upgraded his Benz with JDM D1S replacement bulbs and now he’s more than happy with his purchase. Of course we didn’t expect anything less than that – joking 🙂

D1S HID bulbs 1

He ordered the 8000k version and directly replaced the stock 4300K D1S HID bulbs. Take a good look at the images below – the brilliant blue color shines brightly and remains pretty noticeable even during daytime. You will probably agree with us that the ugly yellowish look of the OEM bulbs just doesn’t fit the overall aggressive of this beautiful car. This is where we come – we offer you JDM D1S or D1R HID replacement bulbs in several colors: ultra white color (6000K), brilliant blue color (8000K), deep blue (10000K) and violet purple color (12000K) at incredible good price! This is what we call a bargain!

D1S HID bulbs 2

In case you decide to purchase this add-on for your beloved car and are worried whether you will be able to replace the OEM bulbs, relax – installation is probably easier than ever. The JDM D1S or D1R HID light bulbs are direct replacement, as there is no modification needed, simply plug and play. Everyone will enjoy a good looking car at nighttime, and especially this car – black Benz E350 with a hint of blue.

This customer was looking for a better lighting output and a more aggressive look for his ride. We think this add-on is perfect for his needs, and you saw the result. Having that "Black Beast" 2010 Mercedes E350 with 8000k D1S HID bulbs is more than beautiful – it is gorgeous.

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