Acura TSX Installed Side Mirror LED Turn Signal Arrow Light

Here is a picture of 2009 Acura TSX, installed with this latest LED lighting add-on – universal fit LED arrow for side mirror turn signal light.

Acura TSX side mirror LED turn signal arrow light

These 14-SMD 1210 LED arrow lights, can be hidden behind the side mirror as turn signal lights and are universal fit, which so far we have sold to couple local customers for their 2009 Acura TSX, Lexus IS350, Acura TL, Infiniti G37, etc for turn signal lights.

To install these LED arrow lights on the 2009 Acura TSX is very easy, simply remove the side mirror, and put it behind.

If you are looking for this LED arrow lights, here is the product page:

Amber 14-SMD LED Arrow Panels For Car Side Mirror Turn Signal Lights

Universal Fit.

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