2012 Honda Civic Looks Better with Honda Civic LED Interior

The 2012 Honda Civic offers very minor interior changes, so the owner of this ride wanted to fresh up the interior and installed Honda Civic LED interior lights. I think installing this kit it’s a perfect way to provide more light inside the cabin, which has picked up a tad more passenger room. Take a look at the photos and see for yourself the awesome lighting output that shines brightly and makes keypads, menu buttons and entire car interior far more visible.

LED for Honda Civic Sedan or Coupe 1

iJDMTOY offers everything – the super bright Xenon White set includes 2 pieces 24-SMD Exact Fit LED panel lights for front map lights and 1 piece 60-SMD Exact Fit LED panel light for center dome light. These shine in 6000k Xenon White and you feel like drowned in pure light. With a total of 108 pieces SMD LED lights, achieving energy-efficiency and trendy look of your car is just one step closer.

LED for Honda Civic Sedan or Coupe 2

Utilizing the latest in LED technology, iJDMTOY has developed this SMD LED interior package for 2006-2012 8th and 9th Gen Honda Civic Sedan or Coupe, with plug-and-play system that installs in minutes with no drilling, cutting, or fabrication required. First make sure interior lights are turned off and remove the cover for the interior dome light. You can use a flat screw driver and gently wiggle it around to loose the snaps. When light cover is removed, take the OEM bulb out of the socket and replace with the proper Exact Fit LED panel. Peel the double sided tape on the back and once LED panel is in the desired position, press it firmly onto the base. Put back the light cover until it clicks and that’s all. Do the same with the other Honda Civic LED interior lights for a bright and crisp light.

LED for Honda Civic Sedan or Coupe 3

This 2012 Honda Civic is equipped with Honda Civic LED interior set and looks very good. The featured LED upgrade provides you with comfort and style, and to be honest, these two are always welcome. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get LED for Honda Civic, but just a few bucks. And in case a blue interior light will match your ride and style more than the Xenon White, then don’t hesitate to pick the ultra blue color option.

LED Panel Lights Interior Package for Honda Civic

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2011 Infiniti G37 Sedan Looks Sleek with LED DRL

Today’s featured ride is this 2011 Infiniti G37 Sedan with very nice addon – LED DRL. It is well-known, that Infiniti’s G Sedan was the first Japanese luxury car that could truly compete with the best European compact and mid-size luxury performance sedans. And with these LED Driving Lamps the G37’s combination of performance, luxury and price give it a leg up on models such as the Audi A4 and BMW 3-Series.

Infiniti G37 Sedan LED DRL Driving Lamps 1

It is true that the 2011 Infiniti G37 Sedan is wrapped in a well-tailored suit of sleekness to avoid looking over-styled, but such LED DRL addon looks just in place in between the Infiniti’s distinctive lower grille. Ain’t this a perfect spice up to the set of large L-shaped headlamps and lower fog lights? I guess you’ll be very excited if I tell you that the same awesome LED DRL from iJDMTOY is an universal fit kit with advanced automatic on/off switch.

Infiniti G37 Sedan LED DRL Driving Lamps 2

The LED-Day-Light Style 5-LED High Power kit increase vehicle’s visibility for safer driving. These lights are compliant with existing DRL regulations and add a stylish look of high performance to any vehicle. What’s more, the automatic DRL On/Off switch turns on the LED lights automatically at the start of the engine and turns them off when engine is off. Pretty cool, huh? And the best part is that you can install the ultra-slim LED DRL in a few minutes with no modifications needed. Simply connect this advanced automatic on/off switch directly to battery’s positive and negative and that’s it – enjoy the Xenon White Philips Style look of your ride.

Infiniti G37 Sedan LED DRL Driving Lamps 3

The owner of this 2011 Infinity G37 Sedan is very happy with the LED DRL addon and if you think about how such small improvement takes the elegant and sleek sedan to the next level, then you might consider purchasing LED Driving Lamps from iJDMTOY, too. I bet you’ll be quite satisfied with the look and the light output – it is truly amazing. Despite the fact these lights are very bright and very noticeable day or night, you shouldn’t use them only when driving at night time.

Infiniti G37 Sedan LED DRL Driving Lamps 4

Infiniti G37 Sedan LED DRL Driving Lamps 5

Philips Style 5-LED High Power LED Daytime Running Light

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2012 Nissan Juke Is More Distinctive with LED Parking Lights

The 2012 Nissan Juke Crossover makes the difference between the real future and the science fiction future a little more blurry, but the LED parking lights give this crossover a touch of whiz-bang styling. It doesn’t have many straight lines or pretty viewing angles, but is a great car that looks awesome with LED position lights.

Nissan Juke LED Parking Lights 1

If this is not entirely clear, take a look at the pictures and see the difference with LED parking lights installed – what is certain is that the Juke has some funky style that matches perfectly with LED technology. I guess you ask yourself: "What is this LED bulb that can light up such a big parking light housing?" Well, this is the Super bright 360-degree 9-SMD T10 LED bulb from iJDMTOY and what’s more, from far away it looks just like the HID headlights.

Nissan Juke LED Parking Lights 2

The featured HyperFlux 9-SMD 5050 T10 Super Bright LED bulbs can be used for parking lights, sidemarker lights, license plate lights or side door lights on various cars. It fits the 2012 Nissan Juke perfectly, but since this T10 LED bulb is almost twice the length of a stock 168 tungsten bulb, you must make sure it can fit into the housing before installing.

Nissan Juke LED Parking Lights 3

Anyway, these bulbs are super easy to install, with no modification needed. All you have to do is to replace the stock OEM yellowish tungsten lamp with the new LED HyperFlux T10 bulb and if there is no lighting after inserting it into socket, just switch the bulb around to change terminal oppositely. That’s all – now you can enjoy the bright and stylish LED parking lights.

This lovely 2012 Nissan Juke is a great platform that has room for cool tweaks, and LED parking lights are just a small improvement that makes the "exoskeleton" even more distinctive. Installing LED position lights is a great way to get rid of any stock look for good – besides the beautiful and cooler color, LED bulbs also have longer lasting than stock tungsten bulbs and consumes less power as well. Go ahead and check out the iJDMTOY store!

9-SMD 5050 T10 LED Wedge Light Bulbs

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2005 BMW M3 with Very Sick BMW E46 Angel Eyes

Check out this 2005 BMW M3 with the featured bad-ass BMW E46 Angel Eyes and I bet you’ll be struck by the whole new hot appearance. As we all know, the LED Angel Eyes are typically the first mod most E46 (BMW 3 Series) owners do to their vehicles. And since 2005 BMW M3 headlights are perfectly shaped for them, iJDMTOY is able to provide you with guaranteed plug and play product. This means no modifications to your headlight housing are required and you can enjoy awesome 7000K Xenon White color BMW E46 Angel Eyes without worries.

BMW E46 3 Series LED Angel Eyes 1

Anyway, with these BMW E46 Angel Eyes, your bimmer will turn everyone’s head and get much more attention. This LED BMW Angel Eyes Kit is 6 times brighter than conventional CCFL BMW Angel Eyes rings, with no blind point comparing with CCFL rings. A high quality wiring harness is included, all of the wires are the correct length to reach each location in the car and combined with the loom, installation is very clean and easy. However, if you haven’t read the last BMW E46 Angel Eyes article, then the video installation guide from iJDMTOY will be quite informative and helpful. Don’t forget to check out the product page for complete compatibility vehicles list.

BMW E46 3 Series LED Angel Eyes 2

Probably one of the coolest functions of the BMW E46 Angel Eyes installed on this 2005 BMW M3 is when LEDs are tapped into the ‘foot well lighting’ so when you unlock and lock your car, the remote function makes them fade on and off! Pretty sick, huh? The light output of the Angel Eyes is very bright and consistent across the entire ring, which makes the individual LEDs indistinguishable – extremely fancy effect that every BMW E46 3 Series owner should have in mind.

BMW E46 3 Series LED Angel Eyes 3

The gorgeous 2005 BMW M3 is a legendary and aggressive sports car, but with these LED BMW E46 Angel Eyes, the whole car looks hotter than ever. Get this sick upgrade, dress up your whip and you’ll be crushing the scene with iJDMTOY!

BMW E46 3 Series LED Angel Eyes 4

264-SMD LED BMW Angel Eyes Halo Rings Kit

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2005 Mercedes S500 Dressed Up with LED Interior Lights

This 2005 Mercedes S500 is a top choice when it comes to a no-compromise, full-size luxury sedan, and with the featured LED Interior Lights, this incredible car got very attractive and elegant look. A perfect upgrade to make the whole vehicle very distinguishable. As most car enthusiasts will say, it is a "favorite of movers and shakers."

Mercedes S500 LED Interior Lights 1

As a matter of fact, more and more automotive manufacturers consider installing LED bulbs in future, having in mind the cool appearance of that one, and energy-efficiency that comes along with LED interior lights. However, thanks to iJDMTOY, there is this super bright plug and play LED Interior Package for Mercedes W220 S Class. It includes everything you need to replace the stock dull yellowish halogen bulbs for front map lights, dome lights, side door courtesy lights and foot area lights with far more advanced 3-Cell 5050 SMD LED lights.

Mercedes S500 LED Interior Lights 2

Achieving this trendy look is just one step closer – It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to replace the OEM lights. Actually, it takes minutes, as no drilling, cutting, or fabrication is required. Simply remove the stock incandescent light bulb and replace with the correct high quality LED bulb from the LED Interior Package for a bright and crisp light. Finally, you’ll see the LED bulb is 3-4 times brighter than stock car interior lights, which makes it perfect for full-size luxury sedan like this 2005 Mercedes S500.

Mercedes S500 LED Interior Lights 3

The featured 2005 Mercedes S500 is quipped with LED Interior Lights in Xenon White 6000K color, but iJDMTOY offers two more color options: Ultra Blue and Brilliant Red. This car deserves anything less than deluxe updates, and iJDMTOY know this – so, if you like to dress up with style and don’t get disappointed, then go for this long-lasting LED Interior Package for Mercedes W220 S Class.

Mercedes-Benz W220 S-Class LED Interior Lights

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