Honda S2000 Owners, Check Out This S2000 LED DRL Addon

Honda S2000 – the high-revving roadster is a great platform for many tuning enthusiasts and today we’ll present you the S2000 DRL LED addon. The car was released by Honda to celebrate its golden anniversary many years ago and having this in mind, iJDMTOY designed these special direct fit 9-LED daytime running light lamps for 2004-2009 Honda S2000 (AP2).

Honda S2000 LED DRL 1

This awesome product will replace the stock Honda S2000’s lower bumper plastic cover with very nice LED DRL. Despite the modern look of these S2000 DRL, installation is super easy. First you have to clean and prep the area, so that it is free of dirt, oil, water, etc. Then you have to identify which wire coming out of each DRL lamp is the positive (+). You can do this by simply tapping the wires to the car battery terminals. If DRL light up, then the wire, tapped to the battery’s positive is the DRL’s positive (+) – remember it. Otherwise, switch the two wires around and try again.

Honda S2000 LED DRL 2

Once you are ready, run the wires through the hole and mount the DRL in the desired location. Please note this is a direct fit kit, but you can always use 3M tape or screws to fix it more securely. When running the wires up into the engine bay area, make sure they are tucked up and out of the way, so the wires won’t drag on the ground as you drive. Next, locate the power wires for the parking lights so that you can hook the positive (+) wire of the DRL to the positive (+) wire of the parking lights and negative (-) wire to a good metal ground free of paint (or battery’s negative). Before proceeding with the other lamp, turn on the parking lights and check of proper functions. If it does not turn on, check for any loose wire and make sure the wires don’t interfere with any moving or mechanical parts on the vehicle. In case all is good, proceed with the other Honda S2000 DRL.

Honda S2000 LED DRL 3

The wiring method described above is fine if you want to use your LED DRL when you turn on the parking lights, but if you connect the positive (+) wire of the DRL to the ignition fuse box and negative (-) to the batter’s negative (-) terminal, the Honda S2000 DRL will turn on when the key ignition is on. However, if you are more advanced car enthusiast, you can add a switch near the dash, so you can switch them on/off whenever you like, but always have in mind the power must go through a fuse. Anyway, wiring is up to you.

If you own a Honda S2000, then you just can’t go wrong with purchasing these S2000 DRL. Check out the featured Honda S2000 – these 6000K Xenon White DRL perfectly match any HID headlights, giving the car a fresh new aggressive look. If you are looking how to make your Honda S2000 stand out, then check out the iJDMTOY website.

Honda S2000 9-LED Daytime Running Light Lamps

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2002 Honda S2000 Looks Awesome with S2000 LED Interior Lights

This 2002 Honda S2000 is a great roadster that offers a lot of fun with the throttle pedal and when we installed the S2000 LED Interior lights, Honda’s two-seat roadster could run circles around just about anything "a la mode". In this case there are only two stock bulbs to replace with the featured 12-SMD 1210 type LED light panels and the whole installation thing is as easy as 1-2-3.

Honda S2000 LED Interior 1

Actually, this LED kit could be installed to almost any car, truck or SUV, not just the Honda S2000, as it comes with universal adapters. What’s more, you can choose from four color options – Xenon White, Ultra Blue, Brilliant Red or Emerald Green to match your style. And if you need another reason why you should consider replacing the old yellowish bulbs aside from aesthetic purpose, LED interior lights consume less power. This means that if you forget to switch them off and they stay on all night long, there’s a very big chance you can start your car next morning. However, don’t try this test and be sure to check out the product page at the iJDMTOY online store for full list of compatible wedge and festoon housings.

Honda S2000 LED Interior 2

As mentioned above, replacing the OEM bulbs is a breeze. First, turn off the map light and carefully remove the light cover using a small flat-head screw driver. You have to take off the stock bulb, but it’s better to make sure the stock bulb is not hot. Plug in the correct adapter, peel the 3M self-adhesive double sided tape on the back of the LED panel and stick the panel to the plastics. Finally, put back the lamp cover and enjoy! The super bright light is no match to the old stock dull and yellowish bulbs, which makes these Honda S2000 LED panels perfect for car interior lights such as map lights, dome lights or even door courtesy lights.

Honda S2000 LED Interior 3

The owner of this 2002 Honda S2000 is very happy with the new S2000 LED Interior and slipped off into dreams of the night after a day, full of sun-drenched, horsepower-infused blasts down the highway, when he can enjoy the custom LED interior look of his ride. If you want to pamper your car with the same trendy look and add more comfort at night, then give these bulbs a shot and you won’t regret.

12-SMD LED PCB Panel Lights

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2011 Honda CR-Z Upgrade with 9005 LED High Beam DRL

If you own a 2011 Honda CR-Z just like the featured one, then you probably might consider upgrading it a bit with CR-Z LED DRL. Look at this beautiful black car – it’s just so tempting to install a pair of super bright LED bulbs and take it for a ride. Just imagine you’re driving this 2011 Honda CR-Z in one of those neighborhoods – heads turn, necks stretch, fingers point. Everybody on the street seems to approve Honda’s new creation, but no one knows it’s just a little bit freshen up hybrid.

Honda CR-Z LED DRL 1

The first thing you notice when you replace the stock 55W 9005 (aka HB3) halogen bulb on the high beam function as daytime running lights is that no error will popup on the dashboard. Thanks to the special DRL decoders, CR-Z LED DRL bulbs light up without malfunction issue nor flickering issue. And the best part is you don’t have to spend a fortune to get this quality product, but just to take a look at iJDMTOY.

Honda CR-Z LED DRL 2

Upgrading this 2011 Honda CR-Z with CR-Z LED DRL is very easy. It takes just a few minutes, because this kit is completely plug and play. First, you must make sure the car is off, then remove both left and right stock daytime running light bulbs and harness. Connect back with the special harness to one side, and one resistor decoder to the other side. Next, plug both LED bulbs to the special wiring and plug the other resistor decoder as well. Finally, install back with the LED bulbs on each side and enjoy the new Honda CR-Z DRL!

Honda CR-Z LED DRL 3

Besides the modern look of this 2011 Honda CR-Z, the CR-Z LED DRL enhance the safety of daytime and nighttime driving, because they are quite bright and make the vehicle visible from greater distance. What’s more, this aesthetical "add-up" matches with HID headlights and is very eye-catching. Treat your ride the way it deserves, just like the owner of this one does, and enjoy everyone’s admiration.

9005 HB3 LED Daytime Running Light Bulbs

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2009 Mercedes C300 is Comfier with Cup Holder LED Mod

The owner of this 2009 Mercedes C300 wanted to light up the cup holder of his car, so we came up with an universal Cup Holder LED mod that will work out for any vehicle. Well, this one is a bit different and not a factory retrofit, but you’ll love the look of LED Cup Holder. Please note this can be done in a few different ways with four different colors /Xenon White, Ultra Blue, Brilliant Red, Emerald Green/ and if you are creative, you can even get multicolored LEDs and put in a switch to control them.

Mercedes C300 Cup Holder LED 1

There aren’t many cars with lighting inside the cup holders, but it’s annoying when you can’t see a thing in the car at night. What’s more, you have to feel around for stuff especially inside the cup holder area. This is where iJDMTOY comes – we’ll show you the easiest way to install LED Cup Holder lights on the featured 2009 Mercedes C300.

Mercedes C300 Cup Holder LED 2

First, make sure ignition is off, then proceed with figuring out how to pull up the cup holder – in some cases screws hold the cup holder in place, while in others, it is relatively very easy to pull it up. Once you do it, take a good look at the cup holder and decide where you want to place LEDs. In this case we drilled the holes as low as possible to the base of the cup holder to prevent the light from shining over the top and lighting the dash. It’s better you don’t see the LED strips when driving the car, but it’s up to you. Anyway, each 1" LED strip light comes with 3M double-sided tape on the back and 15" long wiring for easy installation, so all you have to do is install wire though the hole, peel the tape and press the strip on the back firmly.

Mercedes C300 Cup Holder LED 3

Next up is wiring. In this particular case we tapped the Cup Holder LED strips to the 12V gearshift light indicator, but you can use any other 12V power source such as hand brake. Finally, put back everything in place and voila: Enjoy your new LED Cup Holder. Please note this is an universal fit product that could be used to light up inside the car such as cup holders, glove box, under dash foot area, trunk cargo or even using as instrument gauge cluster background lighting.

Mercedes C300 Cup Holder LED 4

This 2009 Mercedes C300 looks awesome with the featured LED Cup Holder strips and the best thing is you can get the same look for just a few bucks. Maximize the interior lighting and make your car, truck, or SUV stand out with LED Cup Holder!

Mercedes C300 Cup Holder LED 5

LED Strip Lights For Cup Holder

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2011 Nissan 370Z is Hotter with T10 LED License Lights

Check out this hot-shot 2011 Nissan 370Z with LED License Lights. It’s like a dream come true – a cool sports car with very small, but effective LED mod. I guess the owner of this drift-machine seems to like being unique and fancy, because not everybody puts "Drifters do it sideways" plate frame with cool LED lighting, but one thing is for sure – the featured LED mod makes the car stand out from the crowd and makes it look hotter than ever.

Nissan 370Z T10 LED License Plate Lights 1

License plate lights are required and necessary on all vehicles, but they don’t need to look like every other car on the road. So, if you want to dress up your ride with some cool add-on and make people say "Wow!", then the T10 LED bulb from iJDMTOY is just for you. You’ll be surprised by the amount of pure white light these bulbs deliver. What’s more if you want to go further, to look and feel a cut above the rest, then an optional I Love JDM License Plate Frame is available for a few more bucks.

Nissan 370Z T10 LED License Plate Lights 2

The T10 LED bulb is perfect for license plate lights, can light up the entire license plate and give your car a fresh new look. This type of 12-SMD T10 LED bulbs will replace the stock bulb size 158, 168, 175, 194, 2825, 2827, W5W, 912, 921 and installing this bad boy hasn’t been easier. All you have to do is to replace the stock bulb with the T10 LED from iJDMTOY and shine all the way to the pavement. One more thing – this LED bulb is polar sensitive, so in case the LED bulb won’t light up, please flip the bulb 180 degrees.

This guy with the 2011 Nissan 370Z just gave you a hint how to get noticed – LED License Lights. Easy and affordable, this fancy T10 LED bulb is the simplest way to dramatically change your car’s appearance and not spend a fortune on it. As it turned out, you just can’t go wrong with LED License Lights from iJDMTOY.

12-SMD T10 Wedge Light LED License Palte Bulbs

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