Powerful LED Work Light for Cars, SUVs, and Heavy-Duty Machines

Powerful LED Work Light is the thing you need most, when the results of your work and your safety depend on effective lighting. Let me tell you more about this brand new LED Work Lamp from iJDMTOY – it’s been designed and manufactured to meet the most challenging conditions. Whenever you need bright light in any working condition like darkness, vibrations, dust or humidity, this high power 27W 12V-24V LED Work Light will do the job.

LED Work Light 1

It is equipped with 9 pieces High Power 3W CREE LED Lights that are 3x brighter than halogen work light. For example, the feature product outputs 2300 lumens, when the halogen – only 700 lumens at the same power. What’s more, the halogen bulbs are not so endurable under heavy vibrations and have shorter lifespan, when this LED Work Lamp has over 2000 working hours lifespan. It features anti-break lens, high-impact metal housing with stainless steel hardware, vibration-dampened mounting bracket, hardwired leads with stripped-wire pigtail, and is IP67 waterproof! IP67 means complete solid particle protection – no ingress of dust, and no ingress of water when submerged up to 1 meter! This is the true light for heavy duty machines – not only fancy, but gets the job done!

LED Work Light 2

You can see this powerful LED Work Light in action at the pictures, and whenever used for cars, SUVs, trucks as well as farming vehicles and construction vehicles, reliable lighting equipment is crucial! One of our customers purchased this lamp and said: "Now I finally understand what the term of "Extremely Bright" meant!". And it’s true – the bright xenon white light is much more easier to work under than the conventional light from a halogen bulb. You’ll not only improve the safety of your night work, but you’ll get better fuel economy, too!

LED Work Light 3

Heavy Duty LED Work Light

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