2011 Mazda3 Upgraded with Mazda3 LED Daytime Running Lights

Today’s car is this 2011 Mazda3 with very cool and stylish exact fit Mazda3 LED Daytime Lights. Ain’t it a beauty? With a set of Xenon White 7-LED high power LED daytime running light lamps this ride makes strong impression! What’s more, this product is water resistant and comes with auto on/off module box! Anyway, if you want to achieve this one-off look, then roll up your sleeves, because some work is involved.

Mazda3 LED Daytime DRL Lights 1

First, you must make sure that the Mazda3 LED DRL work fine. Simply connect the LED DRL to the harness and temporarily touch the white/positive wire coming from the DRL switch to the positive of the car battery and black/negative wire to the negative of the car battery. Then turn on the vehicle to make sure that the LED DRL work properly.

Mazda3 LED Daytime DRL Lights 2

Now, the tricky stuff: you have to remove your front bumper. There are some clips and screws that has to be removed in order to loose and remove the bumper. You can use a standard screwdriver blade to gently pry up some of the push pins. Proceed with the wheel wells. There are some push pins and screws, too. It’s easier if you turn the wheel to move the tire out of the way. Finally, the bottom. There are some more screws to remove here. Unscrew the black hex headed phillips screws only.

Mazda3 LED Daytime DRL Lights 3

With all the screws and pins out, you just pull the fascia away from the fender. Don’t be afraid, it takes a little oomph to pull out, you won’t hurt it, just pull out carefully! With both sides out, you just pull the fascia forward away from the car. There you’ll see the fog lights wire harness on the passenger side – unclip that once the fascia is loose, and then you can put the fascia aside. Once you have the front bumper removed, locate the passenger lower portion of the bumper where the LED DRL light is supposed to be installed at. There should be a plastic cover that have to be removed away to allow the LED lamp to fit into the hole.

Mazda3 LED Daytime DRL Lights 4

Let’s get back to the lights – unscrew the 6 Phillips head screws that attach the black bezel to the back of the LED DRL lights and remove the bezel. Next, trace out the general outline of the size of the chrome LED lamp from the back of the bumper. Once you have traced it, cut away the plastic using a dermal tool. Just a hint: start with a small hole in order to avoid unwanted cuts. When the hole is large enough, insert the LED lamp from the front of the bumper and attach the black bezel portion using the 6 Philips head screws to clamp the LED lamp to the bumper securely.

Mazda3 LED Daytime DRL Lights 5

Finally, route the wires up through the front and use zip ties to secure the wiring. Make sure they won’t touch anything hot, sharp, etc. Secure the module box near the car battery and put back everything together. Don’t forget to test again the newly installed Mazda3 LED Daytime Lights before reinstalling the bumper!

Mazda3 LED Daytime DRL Lights 6

Now, when you have already equipped your 2011 Mazda3 with the featured Mazda3 LED DRL from iJDMTOY, take it out for a spin! See how people look at your car while driving down the street. Remember that these exact fit Mazda3 LED Daytime Lights will do magic with your 2010 and up Mazda3 only if it has front bumper like this one here.

Mazda3 LED Daytime DRL Lights 7

High Power LED BMW Angel Eyes H8 Ring Marker Bulbs

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Chrysler 300 is Distinctive with PSY24W LED Turn Signal Lights

The featured 2013 Chrysler 300 can really grab your attention when the turn signal lights start blinking with the super-cool PSY24W LED bulbs. But before we proceed further with reviewing this awesome product, let’s pay some attention to the headlights. The jeweled C-shaped LEDs give the Chrysler 300 a distinctive, confident look, previously only seen in European luxury cars. And these PSY24W LED Turn Signal Lights are perfect addition to the whole headlight design conception.

Chrysler 300 PSY24W LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 1

Each bulb has 18 pieces super brighter 3-chip 5050 SMD LED lights and amazing lighting output. The lifespan is extremely long – about 20000 working hours and probably one of the best things is that these LED bulbs have built-in Canbus – directly plug and play, no error message on dashboard and no hyper flash problem. The PSY24W LED bulbs in action are fantastic and you can convince yourself just by looking at the pictures of this 2013 Chrysler 300. You can also pick from two colors – Xenon White and Amber Yellow to match your style.

Chrysler 300 PSY24W LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 2

Anyway, all you have to do if you wish to increase the light output of your turn signals for enhanced safety and style is to get a pair of these amazing LEDs from iJDMTOY. Thanks to the genius design, these bulbs will perfectly replace vehicle’s original equipment and what’s more – no modifications are needed. Just plug out the stock bulbs and replace them with the new PSY24W LED bulbs. They will also fit the 2009-2012 Volkswagen EOS, 2010-2012 Volkswagen Golf/GTi (MK6), 2011-2012 Volkswagen Jetta Space Wagon, 2011-2012 Volkswagen Tiguan and 2010-2012 Volkswagen Touareg.

Chrysler 300 PSY24W LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 3

2013 Chrysler 300 – the car that has more doodads than you can shake a stick at, still has a few things that could be improved and one of them is upgrading the Turn Signal lights with the PSY24W LED bulbs from iJDMTOY. For just a few bucks you’ll make your car stand out from the rest and transform it into a real head-turner.

Chrysler 300 PSY24W LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 4

Error Free PSX24W PSY24W 5200s LED Bulbs

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Volkswagen Golf DRL Kit: Exact Fit MK6 Golf LED Daytime Lamps

We just helped one of our local customer to install these brand new Xenon White high power direct fit Volkswagen MK6 Golf LED Daytime Lamps last week.

Volkswagen Golf LED DRL 1

Volkswagen Golf LED DRL 2

Volkswagen Golf LED DRL 3

Volkswagen Golf LED DRL

Our super bright LED daytime running light kit will fit all 2010 2011 2012 Volkswagen MK6 Golf (with factory OEM fog lamps), and now available in Xenon White.

To install these LED DRL kit are very simple, just directly replacement plug and play.

Below is our product page:

Exact Fit High Power LED Daytime Running Lights For 2010-2012 Volkswagen MK6 Golf 6

iJDMTOY Exact Fit High Power LED Daytime Running Lights For 2010-2012 Volkswagen MK6 Golf 6


5 stars Color Available: Xenon White
Exact Fit, Plug-N-Play

Chrysler 300 Beats the Competition with Rigid Loop LED Bulbs

The image-building 2013 Chrysler 300 is handsome and classy, but with these Rigid Loop LED lights, it turns into a gorgeous and classy luxury muscle car. Check out the featured Rigid LED Bulbs and see for yourself how such small LED upgrade gives the whole ride a brand new look. Even the sound-blasting 10-speaker Beats by Dr. Dre luxury sound system can’t "beat" the impression such LED upgrade gives.

Chrysler 300 Rigid Loop LED Bulbs 1

This great and innovative LED bulb was initially designed to replace the stock dull yellow bulbs, but thanks to its slim design, it will also fit most map lights, dome lights, trunk area lights and foot area lights. With a lifespan about 20000 working hours, it’s more likely for you to sell the car with these fancy lights still up and running, rather than they burn out.

Chrysler 300 Rigid Loop LED Bulbs 2

Installing the 12-SMD-3528 Rigid Loop LED package is a piece of cake. With the easy plug and play system you’ll spice up your whip in no time. A total of 4 pieces of Rigid Loop 579 LED bulbs are necessary to equip all four under door courtesy lights with shining new bulbs and once installed, you’ll notice the much brighter and vivid color of these energy-efficient LED accessories. Just hook the LED bulbs on each end and there you go – super bright light in just a few minutes.

Chrysler 300 Rigid Loop LED Bulbs 3

2013 Chrysler 300 and 300C are the flagship models of the Chrysler lineup, they are more than just the largest sedans from the automaker and if you want to make your Chrysler unique, then you should definitely opt in for these fancy Rigid LED Bulbs. And for all you guys, who own Dodge Charger – this kind of Rigid Loop LED bulbs will fit for the foot area lights, too!

Chrysler 300 Rigid Loop LED Bulbs 4

Rigid Loop Festoon LED Bulbs 211-2 212-2 214-2 578

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BMW 135i with Hella Style LED Daytime Lamps (DRL)

Driving BMW 135i like this one here, will put a smile on your face every time you step on the gas pedal, but if you want to put smiles on other people’s faces, check out this lovely aftermarket LED Daytime Lamps. Each lamp has 10 pieces high power SMD LEDs to achieve maximum lighting output, making the car more noticeable from greater distance. Besides the safety improvement, this add-on perfectly matches the aggressive and sporty BMW appearance.

BMW 135i Hella Style LED Daytime Lamps 1

The featured modern universal fit Hella Style LED DRL are commonly installed in between the bumper grille, just like in this BMW 135i, or below bumper – where mounting in between the grill plastic gap is not possible. The output is very bright for both daytime and night time, and thanks to the ultra-slim design, these LED Daytime Lamps will definitely add some style to your ride.

BMW 135i Hella Style LED Daytime Lamps 2

Mounting the LED DRLs is not a hard task, but will take some time, especially if you want to be precise. Let’s say you want to put these lights in between the bumper grille. First you have to take the grille off. Look for some screws and/or tabs, that may hold it and proceed carefully trying not to break something. Once you take off the grille, find a place to mount the DRL and secure it with the provided mounting brackets from the package. Make sure the lamp is secured firmly and once you are ready with this, connect the wiring harness. Test if light is working and then put back the grill piece. Repeat the above procedure with the other grille piece and enjoy the brand new euro look of your car.

BMW 135i Hella Style LED Daytime Lamps 3

If you look at this BMW 135i with the Hella Style LED DRL installed and like the way it stands out, then you should try this add-on on your car, too. Even if you don’t have a car that puts you into the sweet spot of the torque curve, such inexpensive and stylish add-on can do wonders to your car’s appearance.

Hella LEDayLine Style 10-LED LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) Lamps

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