Scion tC with the Amazing LED Scanner Knight Rider Lights

You’ll love this 2009 Scion tC Umbrella Zombie Response Vehicle with the featured incredible LED Scanner Lights. Project Alice’s mission is to answer the call for the zombie apocalypse and send Umbrella troops into the front lines. iJDMTOY’s Knight Rider LED kit perfectly fits for this project show car and if you see this vehicle rolling, it will definitely turn your head around.

Scion tC LED Scanner Knight Rider Lights 1

The LED scanner kit consists of 4 pcs 7" (about 19 cm) waterproof bars with 12 individual RGB Type SMD LEDs per bar. The Control Module is programmed with 55 Distinct Flash Patterns, which are enough to satisfy every taste. And what’s more, you get a remote control with a range up to 60 ft to switch this product on/off, change through the several colors, or flashing patterns instantly.

Scion tC LED Scanner Knight Rider Lights 2

Installing this fancy add-on is very easy. Position the LED scanner bar so the wiring side is close to the car battery, mount the strips to the front grille with zip-ties, tap the back and red wires from the controller to battery positive and negative and that’s it. Please do not bend the end wiring portion of the bars in order to keep them working. Test if everything works and if you like jokes, you can always drive after some friend of yours, switch on the LED Scanner Lights and freak him out.

Scion tC LED Scanner Knight Rider Lights 3

This 2009 Scion tC with Knight Rider LED lights is a really fancy show car, that gets people’s attention. You can also get your car noticed with iJDMTOY’s new LED Scanner Lights kit and add some color. This add-on is universal fit product and will work for both car interior or exterior. Don’t waste your time, join the many happy iJDMTOY customers and get your car a new, badass cool look now!

Scion tC LED Scanner Knight Rider Lights 4

12-SMD Multi-Color LED Scanner Strip Lighting Kit

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2013 Lexus GS350 with Stunning H11 LED Fog Lights

The owner of this awesome 2013 Lexus GS350 took these pictures with his cell phone right after upgrading his stock fog lights with the H11 LED Fog Lights from iJDMTOY. We know the pictures are kind of blurry, but you can clearly see how bright these LED bulbs are, compared to the stock DRL and stock HID headlights.

Lexus GS350 H11 LED Fog Lights 1

The brightness you see is thanks to the revolutionary design, that combines extremely bright CREE Q5 high power LED on the top with magnified optical lens with 12 pieces 3-Emitter 5050 SMD LED lights around for an awesome output and performance. But don’t worry about generating too much heat and damaging the GS’s fog light enclosure, as well as blinding oncoming traffic, too, because iJDMTOY products are high-end top class.

Lexus GS350 H11 LED Fog Lights 2

You don’t have to be automotive guru to change the ugly yellowish stock fog lights and upgrade to Lexus LED Fog Lights. You can do it simply by turning the wheels to full right in order to change the left fog light and vice versa. This way you can gain access to the two fender clips in the wheel well. Access is achieved within 1-2 mins. Take the clips out and one screw out from the bottom, then roll the cover out and you’ll see the fog lights bulb assembly. Replace the halogen bulb with the H11 LED one and before put back all together and do the same for the other fog lamp, test whether lights work!

Lexus GS350 H11 LED Fog Lights 3

2013 Lexus GS350 is the fourth generation of the company’s mid-range sedan, that is the standard-bearer of Lexus’s new, more passionate approach to the premium-car market and the featured H11 LED Fog Lights are very nice add-up to the overall performance look. Why paying for expensive HID fog lights when you can get super bright HID matching Lexus LED Fog Lights with 20000 working hours lifespan for just a few bucks? Visit iJDMTOY store and search for this amazing product that will boost your overall car look!

H11 (H8) LED Bulbs For Fog Lights or Driving Lights

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2006 Cadillac CTS with Fancy 3156 LED Backup Reverse Lights

This sporty 2006 Cadillac CTS makes impression not only with its pose, but with the amazing CREE High Power 3156 LED backup lights, too. Sadly, we did not get any pictures from night time, but even at daytime you can tell from the pictures, the LED bulbs are outstanding. These 3156 Reverse LED lights are brighter than the stock bulb, emmit a stronger, 6000K Xenon White color, consume less power and last about 20k working hours!

Cadillac CTS 3156 LED Backup Reverse Lights 1

The excellent 3156/3157 LED bulb is a very easy to install, direct replacement for your standard filament bulb. It will replace the 3156 3056 3157 3057 stock bulbs for backup reverse lights. No wirings are needed and thanks to the innovative design, fitted with 5W CREE high power LED Emitter on the top plus 10 pieces 3-Emitter 5050 SMD chips surrounding, you get exceptional brightness for a distinctive custom look and safer backing up.

Cadillac CTS 3156 LED Backup Reverse Lights 2

Replacing the 2006 Cadillac CTS Reverse lights takes no more than 20 minutes. Open the trunk, disengage the fasteners with a flat screwdriver and take off the mat by carefully removing the plastic clips. Locate the back of the lamps and you’ll see a few bolts. Remove the bolts and you’ll be able to pull out the whole rear bezel bulb housing. Just a word of caution – when that happens, the trunk lid becomes lighter and pushes up faster, so have this in mind when you do the procedure if you don’t want to get your face wacked.

Cadillac CTS 3156 LED Backup Reverse Lights 3

Unplug the reverse light bulb assembly, remove the bulb from the socket and replace it with the new 3156 LED backup bulb from iJDMTOY. Do the same with the other bulb. This is the time when you must test if both lights work! Ask a friend to look if lights work when you switch to reverse. If a bulb doesn’t light up, flip it 180 degrees and try again. In case bulbs light up, put back everything together and enjoy your improved reverse lights.

If you own a 2006 Cadillac CTS and don’t want to bust your wallet trying to enhance the look of your car, then these super bright 3156 LED backup bulbs are perfect! The quality is guaranteed and with immediate response on/off and vibration resistance, this upgrade will make you very noticeable whenever day or night.

3156 3157 LED Bulbs For Backup Lights or Turn Signal Lights

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2010 Volkswagen GTi with Error Free 7440 LED Backup Lights

The owner of this nice 2010 Volkswagen GTi is another happy iJDMTOY customer, who upgraded his German automobile with LED Error Free Reverse Lights. As you can see from the license plate frame, he is a regular iJDMTOY customer who knows what to buy and he cares about the appearance of his car. Take a good look at the new elegant image with its unique silhouette and sleek stance that is capable to evoke passion in any passerby.

Volkswagen GTi Error Free 7440 LED Backup Reverse Lights 1

The 6000K Xenon White color, coming out of these super bright 7440 LED Backup lights makes driving backwards easier and safer. It’s like having flashlights attached to the back of your ride. You get at least twice brighter output than the original bulbs and add more style to your car at the same time. If you are looking for a way to show-off your ride, just like the owner of the featured 2010 Volkswagen GTi , go with iJDMTOY’s LED Backup bulb.

Volkswagen GTi Error Free 7440 LED Backup Reverse Lights 2

In order to replace the stock reverse light bulbs, just locate the back of the lamp, then twist its socket and plug out the OEM halogen bulb. After that replace the stock bulb with the completely plug and play 7440 LED bulb and insert it back. No error will popup on the dashboard and it will work flawlessly.

Volkswagen GTi Error Free 7440 LED Backup Reverse Lights 3

If you are looking for Error Free Reverse Lights for 2010 and up Volkswagen GTi or Golf, these bad boys won’t let you down when you need them most at night. Even if your car has black-out tint for tail lights, you can still see the bright light of the 7440 LED Backup bulbs. They don’t cost a fortune, work perfect and are one of the best old stock filament bulbs replacements around.

Volkswagen GTi Error Free 7440 LED Backup Reverse Lights 4

Error Free 7440 LED Bulbs For Turn Signal Lights or Backup Reverse Lights

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Mitsubishi Evo 8 Gets the Brand New 7440 Switchback LED Bulbs

This Mitsubishi Evo 8 turns heads when pass by with the new 7440 Switchback LED for parking lights and front turn signals when needed. See the pictures below and watch the video for more information. This is what you can definitely call a good buy. And what’s more, with a lifespan of about 20000 working hours, this product will be a feast for the eyes for quite a long time.

Mitsubishi Evo 8 Single Filament 7440 Switchback LED 1

Before installing the 7440 Switchback LED bulbs, your original 7440/992 sized turn signal bulbs would only light up when you use the turn signal. However, iJDMTOY now have a new revolutionary Single Filament Switchback LED bulb that can light up as your parking lights and still function as your turn signals. During parking light mode, it will light up as Xenon White and when you use your turn signals, they will flash Amber Yellow. The clean crisp Xenon White light is very distinctive at night and day, but not to a point where it’ll blind traffic. Be sure you’ll get a lot of compliments on these Single Filament Switchback LED bulbs.

Mitsubishi Evo 8 Single Filament 7440 Switchback LED 2

For these bulbs all you really got to do is remove the turn signal bulb, pop these in your turn signal socket and tap the third wire to your parking lights (positive). Tap both resistors and you are done. The whole job won’t take you more than 15 mins and it should work on non hid headlight as well if your turn signal is in the same place.

Mitsubishi Evo 8 Single Filament 7440 Switchback LED 3

Our 7440 Switchback LED bulbs add a very nice touch to this sporty Mitsubishi Evo 8 and made it look a lot better. Treat your car the way it deserves and turn some heads around while cruising down the street in style, because you just can’t go wrong with purchasing this product.

iJDMTOY Xenon White/Amber Yellow 60-SMD 7440 Single-Filament Type Switchback LED Bulbs

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