18W LED Daytime Running Lamps for a BMW X5 (Pre-LCI)

Do you feel like your BMW X5 is lacking some aggressiveness in the front, but don’t know what you can do to improve the look? Well, look no further because we have a simple to install solution for you! Our 18W LED Daytime Running Lamps are a direct replacement to the factory grill area near the bottom of the bumper and is easily wired into the existing lights of your vehicle (directions are available on our website).

BMW X5 18W LED Daytime Running Lamps 1

These super bright high power LED daytime running lights are a direct fit replacement for the 2007-2010 BMW X5 (E70) that are PRE-LCI. Each lamp contains six CREE LED chips which produce 3W each which add up to 9W per lamp/side. The installation requires no modification to the bumper as the trim that this replaces is held on by clips, it is a direct replacement. There are also no error messages since this item does not directly replace an existing light on the vehicle, instead it is an add-on type light so there is no existing error message system for this light.

BMW X5 18W LED Daytime Running Lamps 2

This aggressive look will be sure to draw attention from other BMW enthusiasts. We designed these lights specifically for the BMW X5 so that it looks very factory-like, the fitment is very precise and will trick most people into thinking that these are from factory.

BMW X5 18W LED Daytime Running Lamps 3

BMW X5 18W LED Daytime Running Lamps 4

18W High Power LED Daytime Running Lights Assembly For 2007-2010 BMW E70 X5

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