2004 BMW 545i Gets HID Fog Lights with HID Conversion Kit

Today’s 2004 BMW 545i is a great example how you can upgrade BMW E60 5 Series with HID Fog Lights. The owner needed intense light and energy efficiency at the same time when driving in bad weather and he installed these amazing super bright HID Fog Lights. For this model the stock 9006 halogen bulbs were replaced with HID Conversion kit that functions properly, thanks to the additional Error Free Can-bus decoders.

BMW 545i HID Fog Lights 1

iJDMTOY offers complete lineup of HID kits – the only way you’ll ever feel completely confident behind wheel when you’re driving on a dark road at night. The road you can see, the better driver you are and the safer you feel when passenger are on board. Replace those dim yellow halogen BMW fog light bulbs and increase their brightness 3X with this awesome HID fog lights upgrade kit. With the state of art reverse polarity protection and shock protection system, the installation is virtually fail-safe.

BMW 545i HID Fog Lights 2

Installing the featured HID Conversion Kit requires some time, but you don’t have to call car expert, unless you want to. The rear of the fog lights is accessible through the inner front wheel well cover. Just remove a few bolts inside the fender well and some under the front side of the bumper. Peel the inner fender well back to access the fog lights without completely removing it if you want.

BMW 545i HID Fog Lights 3

Unplug the halogen fog light bulb and remove it from the fog light. Replace it with the HID bulbs, fasten or zip tie the ballast and wires, then compare the OEM side to the HID side and if happy, replace the other side, too. If lights don’t work at first, please turn the extension / adapter wire 180 degrees and test again.

This HID Fog Lights kit from iJDMTOY really adds another dimension to driving at night car like this 2004 BMW 545i. Unless you have HID light kits installed, you’re really missing out, so don’t waste any more time and opt in for HID Fog Lights that will enhance your safety. For European cars, in order to make sure the HID conversion kit function properly, please add the Error Free CAN-bus decoders during the checkout.

HID Conversion Kit For Headlights or Fog Lights

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BMW 650i with Super Bright Xenon White BMW Angel Eyes

This BMW 650i looks incredible with the all new 10W high power BMW Angel Eyes ring marker bulbs! What a marvelous combination of HID headlights and BMW LED Halo lights. These pictures are taken in super bright daytime and as you can see, the stunning effect of such LED accessories is still visible! If you look closer, you’ll notice the difference between the all new extremely bright bulb vs. the stock bulb.

BMW 650i LED Halo Angel Eyes 1

Anyway, the featured BMW 650i is a gorgeous beast that will make you feel amazing once you see it. This high power bulb will get rid of the dull yellow look for a premium HID matching look like the all 2011 BMW E92 3 Series and 2011 BMW 5 Series’ OEM BMW Angel Eyes. The 7000k Xenon White HID matching color shines with 1200 lumen lighting output that is more than enough!

BMW 650i LED Halo Angel Eyes 2

But let’s get straight to the point – each bulb has built-in CAN-bus controller and you don’t have to worry whether an OBC error will pop up on the dashboard. Completely plug and play, this product will work for many BMW models, listed on the product description page on the iJDMTOY online shop. Installing is completely plug and play, just find the wire that goes to the Angel Eyes bulb at the back of the light assembly, twist out the old light module, unplug it, plug in this module, and twist this new light back in.

The BMW 650i and all 6 Series set the bar very high for many aspects, but true fans always look for available improvements and certain level of customization – these Xenon White BMW LED Halo lights are perfect choice for all the fans. Producing a powerful crisp white light, that is simply outstanding, you can give your bimmer even more aggressive and stylish look – just go for it and visit iJDMTOY.

10W High Power LED BMW Angel Eyes Ring Marker Bulbs

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Lexus IS250 has Sporty Exterior Styling LED Bumper Reflectors

Lexus IS250 offers a sporty disposition and when you add the Lexus LED Bumper Reflectors you’ll get a very stylish and hot entry-level luxury sedan. With 33 pieces 1210-SMD LED per reflector as taillights/brake lights for 2006 – 2013 Lexus IS250 IS350 (excluding IS-F and IS-C) this amazing high quality product will make your car stand out – you get a stunning appearance and enhanced safety at the same time.

Lexus IS250 LED Bumper Reflectors 1

By making taillights/brake lights more visible you can significantly increase your safety, because drivers behind you will notice your brake lights from greater distance and therefore they’ll have more time for reaction. So, these Lexus IS250 Bumper Reflectors are great replacement for your stock reflectors and function as add-on brake light/tail light. Check out the pictures of all Lexus IS250 with this add-on in action and you’ll see for yourself the amount of red light they emit even in daytime. What more can I say – engineered for the enthusiast driver!

Lexus IS250 LED Bumper Reflectors 2

Installing the featured Lexus LED Bumper Reflectors requires no modifications and all you have to do is to take off the stock reflectors, tap the black wire to stock brake light negative, white wire to tail light positive, and red wire to brake light positive. Then ask a friend to help you test if lights work as they are supposed to and if so, the mission is accomplished.

Lexus IS250 has always been an alternative choice in the compact saloon sector, but an aggressive new look and enhanced safety could be achieved with Lexus IS250 Bumper Reflectors from iJDMTOY. You just can’t go wrong with any LED product, because iJDMTOY products are top quality. Your car deserves a small touch of luxury and with iJDMTOY you don’t have to spend a fortune to get it.

Red Lens LED Bumper Reflectors

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2013 Scion FR-S Upgraded with 25W CREE LED Backup Lights

This 2013 Scion FR-S is upgraded with a pair of super bright 25W CREE LED backup lights. iJDMTOY developed a brand new LED bulb using only the best components, exclusively designed for backup reverse lights. The featured T15 LED bulb is equipped with 5 pieces CREE XP-E R4 LED Lights (1 piece on top with 3x Optical Lens + 4 pieces on each side) delivering incredible amount of Xenon White light, ensuring premium visibility.

Scion FR-S 25W CREE LED Backup Lights 1

We talk about 25W LED Backup Lights, that are much brighter even at daytime and will fit in vehicles with 912, 920 or 921 bulbs for backup reverse lights. These iJDMTOY CREE LEDs are not the cheap quality, these are 25W, not 2.5W or 3W and will last at least 20000 working hours!

Scion FR-S 25W CREE LED Backup Lights 2

For 2013 Scion FR-S owners, replacing the stock backup lights takes about 2 minutes. You don’t have to raise the car, but go to the rear of the car, lay on your back and look for the wire harness going to the reverse lights. It’s usually a black and green wire connected to a socket connector. Rotate it counter clock wise and pull out the connector. Replace the stock lights with iJDMTOY’s 25W CREE LED Backup Lights on both sides and this is the time to test the function of the bulb. If it doesn’t work, remove it, rotate, and reinstall in the socket. Put everything back together and you are ready! If your 2013 Scion FR-S is equipped with a rear view camera, check out the big difference in visibility at night.

Scion FR-S 25W CREE LED Backup Lights 3

The owner of this 2013 Scion FR-S gave a very nice touch of trendy LED appearance with these 921 25W LED Backup Lights. Besides being amazing, LED products from iJDMTOY are of the highest quality and will not let you down. What’s more, they are very affordable safety improvements, making your car visible from greater distance and increasing your visibility when backing up at night. And at last, but not the least – they are much more attractive and longer lasting than stock bulbs.

Scion FR-S 25W CREE LED Backup Lights 4

CREE R4 XP-E High Power 912 921 W16W T15 LED Bulbs

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18W LED Daytime Running Lamps for a BMW X5 (Pre-LCI)

Do you feel like your BMW X5 is lacking some aggressiveness in the front, but don’t know what you can do to improve the look? Well, look no further because we have a simple to install solution for you! Our 18W LED Daytime Running Lamps are a direct replacement to the factory grill area near the bottom of the bumper and is easily wired into the existing lights of your vehicle (directions are available on our website).

BMW X5 18W LED Daytime Running Lamps 1

These super bright high power LED daytime running lights are a direct fit replacement for the 2007-2010 BMW X5 (E70) that are PRE-LCI. Each lamp contains six CREE LED chips which produce 3W each which add up to 9W per lamp/side. The installation requires no modification to the bumper as the trim that this replaces is held on by clips, it is a direct replacement. There are also no error messages since this item does not directly replace an existing light on the vehicle, instead it is an add-on type light so there is no existing error message system for this light.

BMW X5 18W LED Daytime Running Lamps 2

This aggressive look will be sure to draw attention from other BMW enthusiasts. We designed these lights specifically for the BMW X5 so that it looks very factory-like, the fitment is very precise and will trick most people into thinking that these are from factory.

BMW X5 18W LED Daytime Running Lamps 3

BMW X5 18W LED Daytime Running Lamps 4

18W High Power LED Daytime Running Lights Assembly For 2007-2010 BMW E70 X5

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