3000K Golden Yellow 9005 DRL LED Bulbs on a Fancy Scion FR-S

While some consumers may want a white type of light for their lights, others may prefer an authentic true JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) type style of light which is a deep yellow color. The yellow color of the standard incandescent bulbs may not be favorable enough for these consumers so they opt to go with a deeper yellow and this is where we come in; we are proud to release our 3000K Yellow 68-SMD 9005 LED DRL Bulbs for the Scion FR-S.

Scion FR-S 9005 LED DRL Bulbs 1

These brand new 9005 LED bulbs are exclusively available from us and are designed to be noticeably different than the conventional yellow LED bulb out on the market currently. Each LED diode/emitter is coated with a fluorescent yellow material to produce this rich and deep color. These lights are also much brighter than the conventional LED bulb of the same style.

Scion FR-S 9005 LED DRL Bulbs 2

Scion FR-S 9005 LED DRL Bulbs 3

Scion FR-S 9005 LED DRL Bulbs 4

Scion FR-S 9005 LED DRL Bulbs 5

While these lights may not be everybody’s ‘cup of tea’, it is for those who want that authentic JDM look for their cars. An advantage that these lights offer over the traditional 6000K Xenon White color is their visibility factor since the 6000K color is about the same color as broad daylight; visibility during the day may be difficult. Since these 3000k Yellow LED bulbs produce a much darker and richer yellow than the incandescent bulb, they are brighter and more noticeable during the day improving safety and look at the same time.

Scion FR-S 9005 LED DRL Bulbs 6

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