Get a Taste of the BMW Style With LED Halo Rings

One of our customers came in and installed a sweet set of LED Halo Rings on his 2006 BMW 328i and the results look pretty awesome. BMW introduced these LED Angel Eyes in 2001 on the E39 5 Series and completely revolutionized the car industry. The Angel Eyes symbolized luxury and exclusivity that was known as BMW’s signature style.

BMW LED Angel Eyes 01

Today, anyone can install a nice set of Halo Rings and we have the LED Halo Ring package for over 50 popular cars. If you don’t know the ring size of your vehicle, that’s not a problem, as we have special hookups with a body shop so we are well aware of the ring sizes for specific vehicles. Any person, car fan or not would definitely recognize halo lights as the BMW signature. Drivers will all appreciate your new halo lights as they are a definite upgrade from boring factory stock lights.

BMW LED Angel Eyes 02

iJDMTOY’s halo lights are 3-4 times brighter than other regular CCFL halo rings and are a great addition to your ride. The LED Halo Rings assembly will require the opening the headlights so we recommend professional installation. Get ready to answer many questions and compliments from curious onlookers as to where you got these awesome LED halo upgrades!

BMW LED Angel Eyes 03