BMW LED Angel Eyes are the Ultimate Luxury

Our customer installed these world’s first super super high power 80W BMW LED Angel Eyes on his BMW 335i Coupe and the new LED lights really enhance his ride. You can see that the LED halos are crisp and bright, almost as if they are able to pierce the air.

BMW LED Angel Eyes 335 01

Each LED halo ring set is newly designed with 360-degree shine that promotes maximum light output and eliminates blind spots. The Angel Eyes are error free with easy to install plug-and-play so there’s no cutting or modification needed.

BMW LED Angel Eyes 335 02

BMW cars are known for their luxury, and these LED halo lamps really upgrade the car into a whole other level. It basically takes luxury and doubles that to make it ultra luxurious. If there’s anything to bring the BMW into a higher class than it already is, it’s definitely this set of BMW LED Angel Eyes

BMW LED Angel Eyes 335 03