Volkswagen MK6 GTi LED Daytime Running Light Installation Guide

This quick and easy guide will demonstrate how to install the Volkswagen MK6 GTi LED Daytime Running Lights. All you really need is your pry tool and you are all set for this installation. You will be able to show off your new LED lamps in absolutely no time at all! We had a customer ask how to install this so we created this installation guide.

1. Before, we had a customer install this product by removing his front bumper. Even though you can do it this way, we discovered that if you have a pry tool you can pop out the stock bezel without having to remove the bumper. Use a plastic pry tool to pop out the stock fog light bezel covers. Don’t use a screwdriver because you may unintentionally scratch it.

Volkswagen GTi LED-DRL 01

Volkswagen GTi LED DRL 02

2. Replace with new LED Daytime Running Lights the same way you removed the stock ones. Here’s a tip: test the lights before you put them back. Remember the way you removed your stock bezels because the way you put it back is the exact reverse. Insert the bigger tab in first, then snap in the smaller tabs.

Volkswagen GTi LED DRL 03

3. Route the wires. Connect driver side and passenger side LED Daytime Light to the module box and tap the wires: Red to battery positive, black to battery negative. In this installation, we had the car raised so we can route the wires easily. This customer also installed a down pipe so he has his car already raised. We recommend you raise the car to better route the wires, but if you can’t do that, you can still install it perfectly fine.

Volkswagen GTi LED DRL 04

Enjoy your new LED Daytime Running Lights on your Volkswagen!

Volkswagen GTi LED DRL 05