New Secret of the Double Sided Festoon LED Bulbs

We introduce the world’s first double-sided festoon LED bulb that had LED lights on both sides for double the illumination and double the light output. This double-sided festoon is obviously much, much brighter than the conventional design, due to the sheer number of LEDs on the bulb. These 2-Way Shine DE3175 LED lights are specially designed so that it not only outputs light from the map/dome position, but it also reflects light back from the backing to make the light output even greater. If you’ve ever tried holding a flashlight directly into a mirror and have practically gotten blinded from the light shining back at you, the same concept applies here, except you won’t be blinded. Rather, you’ll probably marvel in awe at just how much brightness is emitted from your map/dome lights!

Double Sided Festoon Bulbs 02

These 2-Way Shine LED Interior Light is featured on an Acura TSX and the brightness is practically overwhelming! You can see the before and after shots where it’s pretty obvious. You can see that the bulbs on the right have a decent output, but the ones on the right just blow everything out of the water. Not only do they have a forward projection, they also have a great side glow going for them, which will definitely come in handy during the night. You can see the side glow of the LED lights during the nighttime and they sure don’t disappoint.

Double Sided Festoon Bulbs 03

Double Sided Festoon Bulbs 01

These festoon bulbs are made with 4 pieces of SMD LED lights with two on each side so you get the forward facing illumination, as well as the glow of the ones reflected in the back. Since this is the world’s first double sided festoon LED bulbs, you’ll be guaranteed to be one of the very, very few people who is in possession of one of these, so it’s a good idea to get them before word starts to spread like wildfire. You can’t ever go wrong with upgrading your LED interior lights because they’re not annoying flashy and also makes your interior look way nicer.

Double Sided Festoon Bulbs 04