Pink LED Dome Lights Splash of Color

Did you know that you can get all sorts of colors for interior lights? You’re not just limited to the xenon white color as an LED upgrade. There are all sorts of colors manufactured for LED interior lights, even pink lights for the ladies! Of course, this doesn’t mean that only the girls can get pink LED lights either. This just goes to show that you can really customize your car into whatever you like to make it your own personal statement.

Lexus IS pink interior 01

This 2007 Lexus IS350 installed a set of these pink LED interior lights and you can see that it’s definitely an upgrade from that dull yellow stock halogen bulb. Not only that, the interior of the car is bathed in a pretty pink glow! You don’t see this often, if ever, so you’re definitely going to be the most unique one in your circle, that’s for sure. The pink glow in this Lexus actually looks very feminine with quite the girly touch too.

The LED interior light panels don’t just come in pink either. You can choose from all sorts of colors, like ultra blue, brilliant red, and emerald green too. If you get tired of one color, you can even swap out the LED panels to make your car fresh every time. It’s practically like getting a new car whenever you please, without having to shell out that hefty price tag.

Lexus IS pink interior 02