Specially Designed Fog Light LED Replacement on BMW 535i

The 10W high powered CREE LED is much brighter than traditional LED setups, due to the diffusion mirror that’s strategically placed in front of the LED bulb. These fog lights have a new reflector design that makes the bulb light up much brighter than the conventional design. This diffusion mirror creates a better beam pattern giving you a cut-off line look when compared to other conventional LED bulbs. It reflects outward, taking advantage of the reflector for maximum output and better performance.

BMW Install LED Fog 03

10W CREE Reflector Style LED Fog Light 14

This 2010 BMW 535i has these LED fog lights installed and the results are pretty bright and piercing. To start, turn the steering wheel to one side and remove the plastic panel so you can gain access to the back of the fog lamp. Our customer removed the rim for more access but this is not required. You can see that the new reflector design makes the bulb light up much brighter than the conventional design would have.

BMW Install LED Fog 01

BMW Install LED Fog 02

For some vehicles, especially European vehicles like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi, the on-board computer may trigger a warning message because of this new installation. Simply add the error free decoder kit and you will bypass the error message. The combination of the decoders and the new light diffusion installation is sure to make your LED fog lights extremely bright and conspicuous.