PH24WY LED Turn Signal Bulbs on Audi S4

Don’t neglect your turn signal lights! These lights are what tell people around you where you will be turning or making a lane change. Everyone has driven behind that one driver who has absolutely no consideration for other drivers in the area and makes lane changes in the last minute, forcing other people to slam onto their brakes. Sometimes, people have extremely dim turn signals that you can hardly see the turn signal light behind the housing anyway. Fortunately, bad habits can be fixed and lights can be swapped. These 12272 LED bulbs are powered by 4 pieces of CREE XB-D LED lights that is way brighter than the stock bulb to give you a better look and increased safety.

Audi S4 LED turn signal 01

Audi S4 is known for its sporty luxury, but that doesn’t mean that you have to keep your car stock. CREE LED bulbs are one of the best LED replacements you can install on your car, so it definitely fits in with the luxury motif that surrounds Audi. These LED bulbs reflect the light extremely well inside of the turn signal light housing so that it appears much brighter than conventional LED bulbs. These PH24WY turn signal bulbs are in sync with the luxury aspect of the car and bring up the car in a positive way.

Audi S4 LED turn signal 02