Toyota Highlander Direct Fit LED Daytime Running Lights

When you’ve got a pretty popular SUV, you are probably thinking of all the ways you could spice it up to make it different from all the other run-of-the-mill family cars out there. One upgrade that most people opt for is a new set of direct fit LED daytime running lights for a new look without sacrificing all the functional capabilities. This set of Toyota Highlander LED daytime running lights is a great add-on for the car fan who doesn’t want to have too much modification, but still wants to remain at the head of the game. This LED daytime running light assembly is good for the 3rd gen 2014-up Toyota Highlander for a great look.

Toyota Highlander LED DRL 07

Toyota Highlander LED DRL 06

Toyota Highlander LED DRL 03

This Toyota Highlander looks pretty sweet with these LED daytime running lights and gets rid of the stock non-LED DRL fog lamp bezel covers for a new LED DRL look. Other aftermarket assemblies on the market require drilling, cutting, and hefty modification in order to get the entire assembly to fit. This is extremely time consuming and not to mention, expensive. Since most people do not have that kind of time or patience, it just goes to show that the best lighting upgrade is just a simple Toyota Highlander LED daytime running light assembly.

Toyota Highlander LED DRL 04

Toyota Highlander LED DRL 05

Toyota Highlander LED DRL 08