MINI Cooper LED DRL Halo Rings

This MINI Cooper is such a fun little car to drive and modify, since there’s virtually an unlimited number of awesome modification and add-ons that are designed specifically for the MINI. This includes decals, mirror add-ons, and much more. If you wanted to install something a little more advanced for your MINI, you could try a new set of MINI Cooper LED Halo Rings as a fancy upgrade. This LED assembly is a great upgrade for someone who doesn’t want to do any of the more simple modifications and wants something a little more advanced, yet doesn’t want to have to modify their car either.

MINI Cooper LED DRL Halo 03

You can see from this 2012 MINI Cooper Hardtop that the halo rings bring a whole new look onto the car that’s leagues better than its stock counterpart. These MINI Cooper OEM LED DRL will definitely do the car justice. You will even also have enough room for tons of other modifications to make your car as unique looking as possible.

MINI Cooper LED DRL Halo 01

MINI Cooper LED DRL Halo 04

MINI Cooper LED DRL Halo 02