MINI Cooper Countryman R60 LED Daytime Lights

It’s quite a common sight to see a MINI Cooper zipping around the streets nowadays, and the range of trims and models is pretty astounding. You have the traditional two-door sports coupe and even bigger 4-door models that would be great for a road trip. Since there’s quite a few MINI models out there, plenty of people like to spice their ride up and make it look as unique as it can be. Some people choose to do some simple addition like stickers or door knob locks, but if you’re a little bit experienced or want something that’s more unique, then this set of MINI Countryman LED DRL would definitely do the trick.

MINI Cooper Countryman LED DRL 02

This set of MINI Cooper R60 LED Daytime Lights is error free with no warning message so you don’t have to worry about any pesky wording on the dashboard. The 5 pieces of high powered LED lights in each lamp ensure that your lights are properly illuminated so that you can have a great look out on the road. This complete direct fit LED DRL is a great choice for anyone who has the R60 Countryman and wants whole new look.

MINI Cooper Countryman LED DRL 01

MINI Cooper Countryman LED DRL 03