Lexus LX LED Fog Lights – Direct Replacement

The Lexus LX is the premium giant sized luxury SUV, with a a ton of luxurious elements as well as the capability to traverse uncharted off-road terrain. With luxury comes top-of-the-line lighting system, and the LX does its job well. However, if you want a slightly different fog light look, these OEM Lexus LED Fog Lights replace the stock fog lamps for a whole new flawless look. You can tweak your Lexus LX a little to give it more of a personal touch, but still stay in the luxury sector. You can replace the stock halogen fog lights as a direct replacement and make your LX look like the all new 2016 model for a sleek look.

Lexus LX LED Fog Lights 02

This 2014 Lexus LX570 has a brand new set of these Lexus LED Fog Lamps and the new fog lights definitely match the headlights for a pretty suave look. These LED fog lights are great for the driver who does not want to sacrifice luxury, but still wants a bit of uniqueness out on the road. If you have another Lexus, Toyota, or Scion with stock fog lights and want to upgrade the look, you can use these LED fog lamps as well, for a matching look in your fleet.

Lexus LX LED Fog Lights 01

Lexus LX LED Fog Lights 03

Lexus LX LED Fog Lights 04