Ford Mustang Switchback LED Daytime Running Lights Turn Signal

You can never have too many sweet mods on a Ford Mustang! This Ford Mustang belongs to one of our guests, Sebastian, who came in and got a ton of new lights for his Mustang. The Ford Mustang is quite an easy car to modify and there are plenty of aftermarket options available, like this Ford Mustang switchback LED Bulb that has daytime running light mode and turn signal mode.


You can see the Ford Mustang LED DRL/Turn Signal light bulbs in action here and the results are pretty sweet looking. The LED rests at the daytime running light mode in a nice xenon white color and then springs into turn signal light mode at the easy flick of a switch. These LED bulbs don’t require any modification and there’s no hyper flash or any extra resistors needed. Everything is included in the package for a flawless installation.