Toyota Prius Switchback LED Daytime Running Lights/Turn Signal Lights

One of the easiest ways to upgrade a trusty sedan is to get some new LED daytime running lights. However, there are so many choices to choose from so which type of LED daytime running light upgrade is the best choice? If your car has an option to add a pair of switchback LED daytime running lights/turn signal lights like this Toyota Prius, then that would be the best case scenario. Toyota Prius Switchback LED DRL/Turn Signal lights do a great job of transforming the LED DRL function to give it an additional turn signal light function that switches flawlessly from daytime running light mode to turn signal light mode at the flick of a switch.

Prius LED Daytime Running Light Kit 03

The owner of this Toyota Prius dropped by our storefront to score this sweet set of switchback LED DRL/Turn Signal lights that give the car a sweet upgrade. If you have a 2010-2011 Toyota Prius and want to add some new lights without having to install anything that requires modification. Each switchback LED bulb is powered by 21 pieces of xenon white LED for the daytime running light portion and 21 pieces of amber LED for the turn signal function. Installation is quite simple as it only involves swapping out the stock bulb and plugging in the new switchback LED bulb’s wire to the ACC 12V+ location in the fuse box.

Prius LED Daytime Running Light Kit 01

Prius LED Daytime Running Light Kit 02

Prius LED Daytime Running Light Kit 04