Toyota Tundra Switchback LED DRL Turn Signal Lights

Have you ever had that conundrum where you want to try out all of these bulbs with all the lighting functions but don’t have enough space to swap them out? Every car only has a set of turn signals and daytime running light slots for installation, but what if you wanted more than one function? This is where the Switchback LED Turn Signal Lights come in, with a nice dual function for maximum usage.

Switchback LED Toyota Tundra 02

You can see these 3157 Switchback LED Bulbs in action here on this 2013 Toyota Tundra and is a great addition to the truck. During the daytime, the LED bulbs will light up amber as daytime running lights, and during the night time it will light up as xenon white for parking/driving lights and flash amber when the turn signals are engaged. This is a great add-on for anyone who wants to spice up their truck a little without going too overboard. You can never go wrong with a simple swap of a new LED bulb.

Switchback LED Toyota Tundra 01

Switchback LED Toyota Tundra 03

Switchback LED Toyota Tundra 04