BMW DTM Style LED Halo Rings for Headlights Retrofit

Did you know that not all halo rings are created equally? There are different levels and designs of halo rings, with some styles more exclusive than others. This particular set is called the DTM LED Angel Eyes and are known for their distinctive flat-bottomed horseshoe shape. These U-shaped LED halo rings have an acrylic cover that allows the rings to emit a soft outer glow and is regarded as a higher end installation. The acrylic cover gives the halo ring a 3D effect to give it an more overall distinguished and premium look. This style of halo rings can be seen on the newest models, making this modification a great choice for BMW owners who have slightly older Bimmers. This new addition will spice up the look and allows owners to keep their BMW and add a nice flair to the headlights.

BMW DTM LED Halo Ring 01

These are sample headlights outfitted with the set of U-Shape LED Angel Eyes and you can see that even if there’s no full car involved, the LED kit still brings out the demo headlights. Plenty of BMW owners have switched over to the DTM style halo rings because of the great look and sophistication it exudes. BMWs are known for their luxurious quality and premium brand so it makes sense to install something of great quality to pair with the BMW.

BMW DTM LED Halo Ring 02

BMW DTM LED Halo Ring 03

BMW DTM LED Halo Ring 04

BMW DTM LED Halo Ring 05