Nissan Altima Switchback LED DRL/Turn Signal Bulbs

The Nissan Altima is a great family car very spacious inside and has a great look on the outside. A way to make your Nissan Altima personal would be changing your day time running lights to switchback LED daytime running lights and turn signals. This is an easy way for you to stand out from the rest and makes your car have an additional feature. Not only are these LED’s functional but also add brighter and more noticeable front daytime running lights so that people will always be able to see where your car is.

Nissan Altima LED Daytime Running Light 11

The Nissan Altima has its turn signals on the lower side of the bumper where the fog lights should be but instead it is the turn signals. Now with these switchback LED DRL/turn signal lamps, your daytime running lights can act as fog lights when it is foggy for increased visibility not only for you, but others on the road. This is a very simple install and in no time, you can be rolling around in your Nissan Altima with LED’s that not many people have.

Nissan Altima LED Daytime Running Light 12

Nissan Altima LED Daytime Running Light 09