Audi S5 LED Backup Lights and LED Interior Kit

Audi is already such a high end car that there doesn’t seem to be much left that can be done to upgrade its quality. There are a couple components that can definitely be swapped out to add to the brightness and the overall driving experience. You could swap out your old stock reverse lights and upgrade to LED backup reverse lights to give you a nice, crisp output with better visibility at night. There is no such thing as having too much light when backing up, so brighter is definitely better when it comes to reverse lights.

Audi S5 LED lights 02

This Audi A5/S5 also has a full set of LED interior package to fix up the interior. Many people are so occupied with the exterior lights that they forget that the interior is just a important. Fortunately, complete Audi A5/S5 LED interior kits are a very simple way to get the entire interior fixed up and ready to go. With a complete LED interior kit set, there is no need to determine what bulb size you need. All you need to go is swap out your stock bulbs with the new LED bulbs are you are good to go.

Audi S5 LED lights 01