How to Wire iJDMTOY F1 Style LED Brake Light

Our F1 style Subaru LED rear fog/brake light for the WRX, WRX STi, Impreza, and Crosstrek is an extremely popular LED light many Subaru enthusiasts like to add to their tail end. Not only does it replace their lower bumper bezel with a highly functional running light, but it also has an awesome strobing effect as they apply their brakes to warn drivers behind them that they are stopping in style. With a straightforward installation process, it’s no wonder the F1 style LED tail/brake lamp are practically flying off the shelves! While the wiring is simple, it’s also easy to get them mixed up and as a result, the Subaru LED brake light doesn’t work as it should. So what do you do?

The cause of this issue is that the wires are tapped to the wrong wires on your tail light harnesses. This often takes place in the form of the red wire (brake light) being tapped to the running tail light wire (+) while the green wire (running light) is tapped to the brake light wire (+).

If this is the case for you, the fix is simple. Here is a list of the correct way to wire the F1 style LED tail/brake light:

  • Black wire to a ground connection (-)
  • Green wire to running light positive (+)
  • Red wire to brake light positive (+)

You can find these instructions on the label that is stuck on your Subaru LED light unit.

With a simple rewiring, your Subaru’s F1 style rear LED tail brake light should function normally, with a running red light by default and a brake light strobe that adds to the naturally sporty aura.

Incidentally, if you are looking for something a bit different, the 3-in-1 JDM style LED fog light assembly gives your Subaru a higher utility feel with tail, brake, and reverse lights in a single LED light!

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