SPY SHOT: Future Car 2017 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

2017 might seem to be a long way off, but the Hyundai Genesis Coupe has been spied for the first time. The next generation Hyundai Genesis coupe is expected to gravitate towards the Grand Tourer area, meaning that the car will be bigger and have more luxury features for all of the occupants. From the spy photos, it doesn’t seem too obvious, but it’s what in the interior that really matters.

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Hyundai Genesis Coupe with 1156 LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs

If you look at this 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe, you just can’t miss the super bright 1156 LED bulbs installed for turn signal lights. The owner wanted a custom look with instantly responsive turn signal lights and he went with these amazing iJDMTOY 1156 LED bulbs.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe 1156 LED Turn Signal Bulbs 1

Thanks to 18 beautiful high quality 3-cell 5050 SMD chips per piece, providing 360 degrees illumination, the featured LED Turn Signal Bulbs are much brighter and colorful than the stock OEM dull yellowish tungsten lamps. What’s more, you can get this quality long lasting bulb in Xenon White, Ultra Blue, Brilliant Red or Amber Yellow to match your taste and style. But have in mind when using these LED bulbs for turn signal lights, you might need to add a pair load resistors to prevent hyper flashing or malfunction problem.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe 1156 LED Turn Signal Bulbs 2

Stock bulbs tend to burn out occasionally over time and this happens when you need them most. We all have been in such situation when we switch our turn signal, but lights doesn’t work and we confuse other people in what direction we are going. Save yourself the worries and replace your stock turn signal bulbs with more effective and low-energy consuming LED bulbs. Being plug and play, installation is really simple. Just plug out the old bulbs and install the new neat-o LED bulbs with load resistors to avoid potential issues. However, you can always contact the iJDMTOY support guys for help with installation.

The featured 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe looks incredible and gets more attention from people with its brand new LED Turn Signal Bulbs. With LED upgrade like this, the vehicle will be more noticeable in bad weather, which dramatically raises the safety bar for good. And at last, but not the least, you’ll dramatically change your car’s appearance for just a few well-spent dollars. So, if you want to increase the safety, improve the overall look of your ride and you have just one shot – iJDMTOY is the right place for you.

S25 1156 (aka 7506) or 1157 (aka 7528) LED Bulbs

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Hyundai Genesis Sedan Draws Attention with High Beam LED DRL

The 2013 Hyundai Genesis Sedan offers style, features and power, but the High Beam LED DRL are a must have for an authoritative presence on the road. This customer really wanted to give his luxury car a distinctive look and purchased H7 LED High Beam bulbs from iJDMTOY. After that he brought it to an autoshop for installation. It seems that guys over there couldn’t figure out how to install this plug and play product and informed him the product is wrong. Anyway, he went back to iJDMTOY for return and these guys installed the very same High Beam LED DRL bulbs for free.

Hyundai Genesis Sedan High Beam H7 LED DRL 1

Let’s pay some attention to this smooth upgrade. Each bulb has 68 pieces super bright 1210 (3528) SMD LED lights for amazing output and will fit in 2010 and up Hyundai Genesis Sedan, 2011 and up Hyundai Sonata (except hybrid), 2012 and up Hyundai Veloster, 2013 and up Hyundai Genesis Coupe on high beam for daytime running lights. It comes in Xenon White or Ultra Blue color and has 20000 working hours lifespan.

Hyundai Genesis Sedan High Beam H7 LED DRL 2

In order to replace the H7 High Beam bulb you need to access the headlight housing by removing the air box on the passenger’s side, and moving, without disconnection, the fuse box on the driver’s side. It’s easy to do with no "tricks", and is done with a 10mm socket. Next remove the plastic covers, unplug the old dull yellowish bulb and install the new H7 LED High Beam bulb. Finally, put everything back together and you are good to go.

Hyundai Genesis Sedan High Beam H7 LED DRL 3

This 2013 Hyundai Genesis Sedan with the featured High Beam LED DRL is a proof that not all works of art are parked in museums. The brand new LED bulbs emphasize the aggressive and sporty look of this luxury car and the best thing is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your car a head-turner.

68-SMD H7 LED Daytime Running Light Kit

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Direct Fit Hyundai Genesis Coupe LED Interior Lights

We got these pictures from one of our customer showed his 2011 Hyundai Genesis Coupe LED Interior Lights package.

Hyundai Genesis Coupe LED Interior Lights 1

Hyundai Genesis Coupe LED Interior Lights 2

Hyundai Genesis Coupe LED Interior Lights 3

Our direct fit LED interior package contains 2 pieces 33-SMD LED panel light for all 2010 2011 2012 and up Hyundai Genesis Coupe map reading lights.

To install these LED panels are plug and play, no moderation needed at all.

Check out our product page:

66-SMD LED Interior Package for 2010 and up Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Xenon White 2 PCS Lights Exact Fit Vehicle Specific 66-SMD LED Interior Package for 2010 and up Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Amazing 66 pieces LED Lights. Exact Fit For 2010 2011 2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe
Available Color: Xenon White

Style Your Hyundai Veloster with Blue LED Interior Lights

Nothing can beat the all new Hyundai Veloster when it comes to style, space, and comfort but it looks really irresistible with a small upgrade of Blue interior lights. Just check out the pictures of Hyundai Veloster with installed Blue LED interior lights and experience the difference. If you think that Hyundai Veloster is a self sustained vehicle in terms of style then just install these Blue interior lights and see the kind of attention you will receive from everyone.

Hyundai Veloster Blue LED Interior Lights 1

Blue LED interior is surely the best upgrade for Hyundai Veloster as it not only renovates its interior look but it also enhances its overall appearance. After installing these Blue LED interior lights you will notice that your Hyundai Veloster looks more stunning and spacious than before. The Blue LED interior light kit comes with two SMD bulbs for dome and a single SMD bulb for the trunk area.

Hyundai Veloster Blue LED Interior Lights 2

These Blue interior lights are designed to fit on all the models of Hyundai Veloster manufactured after the year 2011 onwards. If you think that blue is not your color then these LED interior lights are also available in Xenon white and brilliant red colors. The installation process is quite simple as you don’t have to do any kind of wiring work to get these LED lights working. It works on simple plug and play principle or you can easily replace them with your existing stock interior lights. You can also contact iJMDTOY people regarding installation instructions and other technical advice. However, if you follow the installation procedure carefully then you can get these Blue LED interior lights working in less than 30 minutes.

Maintaining the ecological balance of the environment has become the need of the day. These Blue LED interior lights are environment friendly as they consume considerably less amount of fuel than other interior lights. These Blue interior lights are also 3-4 times brighter than other interior light. These Blue LED interiors are made with good quality parts and are designed to provide long lasting performance. Stuffed with so many features, this product is a must for upgrading all Hyundai Veloster cars.

You can give your car a new look by buying these interior lights at a very small price of $20 from iJDMTOY. Just visit iJDMTOY.com for more exciting and low priced deals on upgrades.

3 Lights Wide Angle Shine Deluxe SMD LED Interior Lights

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