Never Before Seen LED Underbody Lighting Kit

If you’ve been itching to get a LED Underbody Lighting Kit and also consider customization essential, then you will absolutely want to get your hands on iJDMTOY’s new 10 PC Expandable RGB LED Underbody Lighting Kit for your ride. This nontraditional kit is such a must-have new innovation optimized for the ultimate personal touch.

LED Underbody Lighting Kit 01
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The LED Interior Light Package Illuminates Your Infiniti

At iJDMTOY, we equipped a 2009 Infiniti G37 Sedan with an exact fit LED interior light kit package for a brand new, sleek interior ambiance. This gives the G37 a nice surreal glow, all the while lighting up the interior to combat the darkness. This makes the Infiniti G37 LED Interior package and the Infiniti Q60 LED Interior package simply the must-have add-on for any Infiniti fan.

Infiniti LED Interior Light Package 03

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Universal LED Daytime Running Lights On an Infiniti G37

I am sure many can agree that LED Daytime Running Lights gives most vehicles a stylish front end appearance. Sadly, not all vehicle manufacturers are like Mercedes, Porsche and Audi. However, there is an alternative to achieve that look at a small fraction of the cost with a universal 6-LED Philips style high power DRL kit. The 6-LED Philips style high power DRL kit can be installed on virtually any vehicle with its dimensions.

The 6-LED Philips style high power DRL kit is universal so of course you do have to do some research on how you will mount it on your vehicle. However, the Infiniti G37 coupe has an empty faux mesh plastic on the bottom of the bumper where fog lights are generally located. The Infiniti G37 has a very aggressive front end with sharp body lines. The 6-LED Philips style high power DRL kit adds onto an already beautiful front end with a clean OEM look.

Infiniti G37 LED Daytime Running Lights 1
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Infiniti G37 with 9-SMD 168 LED Bulbs For Parking Lights

Parking lights are also known as city lights and are the lights that turn on at the first position of your light controls. These lights provide additional light in addition to the main low beams and are sometimes used as turn signals on certain vehicles as well. Many higher end vehicles such as this Infiniti G37 comes with factory installed HID headlights for the low beams and the yellow incandescent parking light bulbs just do not do justice next to them.

Infiniti G37 168 LED Parking Lights 1

Installed on this Infiniti G37 are our 168 LED parking lights which have 9-SMD 5050 LED diodes per bulb. These lights are rated at 6000K which makes these a much better alternative to the factory color; the color is very versatile and can match closely with HID lights that range from 4300K to 8000K. It is recommended to go with a 6000K HID light for the closest match though. These specific lights are available in either Xenon White as pictured or in 20,000K Ultra Blue which is recommended for off-road use only.

Infiniti G37 168 LED Parking Lights 2

The LED parking lights are very easy to install on the vehicle as it only requires removal of the factory bulb and bulb holder from the housing. The procedure is very straight forward as it just replaces the bulb, but depending on the application that this is going on, it may require removal of other components to access the parking lights. Some vehicles may be able to access the parking lights from the top of the engine bay and some may require access from the fender liner in the wheel well. Whatever application you have, LED parking lights are a cost-effective way to turn that ugly yellow into an HID-like color that is sure to have people notice.

Infiniti G37 168 LED Parking Lights 3

High Power LED BMW Angel Eyes H8 Ring Marker Bulbs

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2009 Infiniti G37 with Super Cool Black-Out Tail Light Covers

2009 Infiniti G37 is a head-turning top-class performer and boosting the look with these black tail light covers is a great upgrade. Getting a self-adhesive black-out dark protection vinyl film is one of the best solutions if you want to get that unique look. Tinting tail lights is becoming more and more popular every day and with some patience and a few dollars, enhancing the modified look of a vehicle is a sure thing.

Infiniti G37 Black Tail Light Covers 1

The process is completely reversible at a later date. If you happen to sell the car, or just want to take it back to stock, the film is removable and will not damage your lamp nor leave any residual. iJDMTOY offers high quality waterproof black-out vinyl film that will not fade, chip, crack, nor peel over time. The size of one sheet is 12" x 48" (1′ x 4′), not pre-cut with sheet thickness about 0.005 inches and is perfect for varieties of places such as headlights, tail lights, fog lights, side marker lights, bumpers, hood or even windshield.

Infiniti G37 Black Tail Light Covers 2

In order to apply a sheet of this black-out film, you’ll need a vinyl squeegee (credit card with cloth wrap will work, too), soft cloth towel, spray bottle with soapy water and a hair dryer or a heat gun. First you have to clean the surface of the tail light with soap and water to ensure all debris are removed from the surface. Carefully remove the overlay and the protective film from the sheet and spray the overlay’s adhesive side with soapy water. Then align and apply the film on the tail light, smooth out and use the vinyl squeegee to push out all the soapy water on the front face of the tail light. Make sure the crease are evenly distributed on the overlay, therefore you can easily smooth it out with a heat gun and squeegee.

Infiniti G37 Black Tail Light Covers 3

Carefully pull and fold the side inward – you can use the hair dryer to soften up the vinyl and squeegee out all the crease. If needed, stretch and pull the vinyl to smooth out. The excess vinyl can be easily cut using a brand new exact knife.

Infiniti G37 Black Tail Light Covers 4

If you want your car to stand out like this 2009 Infiniti G37 with Black-out tail lamp covers, then get the featured product from iJDMTOY. It is human nature to want to be different and stand out in different desired styles. Tail light tinting is a growing trend that can be done by professionals or right in your home garage. Join the upcoming rise and look into getting your tail lights tinted!

Tail Lights Tint Vinyl Overlay Film

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