Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights and Fog Lights

The Jeep Wrangler has been such a classic American icon, with it’s square body, oversized wheels, and the speaker shape headlights that can be seen a mile away. Since the Jeep Wrangler is known for its off-road capabilities, there have been plenty of aftermarket upgrades that increase the Wrangler appeal by tenfold. This set of Jeep Wrangler LED headlights and Jeep Wrangler LED fog lights are a great complement for the car. You get superior visibility, enhanced safety and increased durability for your off-road life.

Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights Foglights 02
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Get Rid of Halogen With HID Conversion Kit

Newer luxury cars nowadays come standard with HID headlights, with a classy xenon white pair of headlights and a crisp cut-off line. It seems that HID headlamps are synonymous with luxury now and many people opt to go the aftermarket route with an HID xenon conversion kit. This handy kit is the most sure-fire way to increase the output of your car’s headlights or fog lights so you can have better visibility at night.

The HID Conversion Kit has a set of the most advanced ultra slim digital ballasts and a very straightforward installation process so that you can have a hassle-free installation. You can give your car a luxurious look without having to pay the full sticker price for an expensive European or Japanese car. Once you make the switch, you’ll kick yourself and wonder why you didn’t make the switch earlier. The ultra slim digital ballasts regulates the electrical current via embedded electronic chip so that the current is stable at all times. These ballasts have a reverse polarity protection system that greatly reduces installation related issues and improves the lifespan of your headlights.

The best time to get an HID Conversion Kit is when there is a sale! There are a bunch of bulb sizes available as well as their complementary sizes.

Each package includes:
2 x Xenon HID Light Bulbs
2 x 35w Ultra Slim Digital HID Ballasts
1 x Bi-Xenon Relay Harness* (ONLY included when purchasing our "Bi-Xenon" bulb sizes)

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2014 SEMA Auto Show Part 3: Bi-Xenon LED Headlights

Continuing on with our SEMA updates, we bring you this angry looking Jeep Wrangler sporting some pretty kick-ass Bi-xenon LED headlights. You get a Jurassic Park type of feel while you drive around in this creation, but without the murderous T-Rex trying to attack your precious new LED headlights. It’s a given that headlights are one of the most important aspects to off-roading so there’s no need to compromise quality.

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LED Fog Lights on Jeep Grand Cherokee Is a Step Up

Everyone knows that HID and LED are the future and if your car doesn’t come standard with these luxuries, then aftermarket is the way to go. These are 10W high power CREE LED Fog Lamps that has a specially designed diffusion mirror in front of the LED bulb that reflects light directly to the stock lamp’s reflector. Think of this as the same concept as shining a flashlight into the mirror and seeing the light output reflected back super bright.

Jeep Grand Cherokee LED Fog 02

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2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Looks Stunning with 3157 LED DRL

2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee is piece of art – a masterful meld of classic styling cues and modern design, and if you upgrade the round headlamps with the featured 3157 LED DRL bulbs, the magic happens. Take a look at the pictures showing this gorgeous SUV – at first sight you know it’s a Grand Cherokee, but it looks a lot better. This stylish new front matches perfectly the signature seven-slot grille and the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 3157 LED DRL 1

As I stated earlier, the key to this brand new look is the 3157 LED bulb – a perfect replacement for the stock unit. Each LED bulb has 40 pieces 1210 SMD LED Chips made by CREE Electronics – it is brighter than the stock filament bulb and shines in Xenon White color. Of course, you can pick this great product in Brilliant Red color, too. Either way, you’ll end up with very good-looking ride that will stand out from the crowd.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 3157 LED DRL 2

Replacing the stock bulbs is as easy as pie. Just locate the back of the lamp, then twist its socket and plug out the OEM halogen bulb. After that replace the stock bulb with the completely plug and play Jeep Grand Cherokee LED DRL bulb and insert it back. No error will popup on the dashboard and flawless work is guaranteed. However, if you drive a vehicle different from 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee and use these LED bulbs for turn signal lights, you might need to add a pair of load resistors to prevent hyper flashing or malfunction problem.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 3157 LED DRL 3

This 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a proof that even small tweaks like these 3157 LED DRL bulbs from iJDMTOY can make big difference. Since this type of bulbs is used for turn signal lights, brake tail lights, parking lights and backup reverse lights in various models, you can check the Osram Sylvania Lamp Replacement Guide to find out whether it will fit your ride.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 3157 LED DRL 4

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