21-SMD 3156 LED Bulbs for Jeep Grand Cherokee Daytime Lights

We just installed our iJDMTOY super bright Xenon White 360 degrees T25 3156 LED bulbs for this brand new 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee LED daytime lights last week.

21-SMD 3156 LED Bulbs For Jeep Grand Cherokee Daytime Lights 1

21-SMD 3156 LED Bulbs For Jeep Grand Cherokee Daytime Lights 2

21-SMD 3156 LED Bulbs For Jeep Grand Cherokee Daytime Lights 3

21-SMD 360 Degrees 3156 3157 (aka 3056 3357 3457 4157) LED Bulbs

Our 21-SMD 3-Emitter 5050 type T25 LED bulb will replace the stock 3156 3056 3456 4156 3155 3157 3057 3457 4157 bulb, and you can install it as turn signal lights, backup reverse lights, or tail lamp brake lights and more.

The installation for these 3156 LED bulbs is very easy, just plug and play, keep in mind if the bulb didn’t light up, just flip it 180 degrees.

Here is our product page below:

21-SMD 360 Degrees 3156 3157 (aka 3056 3357 3457 4157) LED Bulbs

iJDMTOY Super Bright Xenon White 21-SMD 360 Degrees 3156 3157 (aka 3056 3357 3457 4157) LED Bulbs


5 stars Color Available: Xenon White
For Turn Signal Lights, Backup Reverse Lights, Tail Brake Lights

Dazzle Jeep Grand Cherokee with Blue LED Interior Lights

2006 Jeep grand Cherokee is surely an extraordinary car in terms of space, style, and comfort but it looks out of the world with these Blue LED interior lights. Check out the pictures of 2006 Jeep grand Cherokee and just see the kind of difference this little upgrade has made to it. Trust me, if you equip your car with these Blue Interior lights then you will definitely steal the show wherever you go.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Blue LED Interior Lights 1

These days lots of people spend a great amount of money just in order to install exterior upgrades to their cars but they often ignore the inner appearance of their car. Blue interior light is a great upgrade, which can reinvent your car’s inner appearance. These Blue interior lights transforms dull and boring atmosphere of your car into a much lively and happening one. Blue interior light provides the light to interior dome, front map reading, and foot areas of the car.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Blue LED Interior Lights 2

It fits well on all 2005-2010 Jeep grand Cherokee models and you can avail them in three different colors, which are xenon white, ultra blue, and brilliant red. So, you can choose the color which depicts your mood and style. The installation is very easy and all you have to do is just plug these blue interior lights as per given instructions. If you find any difficulty in installing these Blue LED interior lights then you can also call iJMDTOY for assistance. However, if you follow the instruction correctly then you will be able to install them all by yourself.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Blue LED Interior Lights 3

Blue interior lights are 3-4 times brighter than stock car interior lights and is also low on fuel consumption. So, by using these Blue interior lights you also contribute towards making your environment green. These Blue interior lights are far better than any other interior lights as they are made using quality materials and are designed to last longer than other interior lights. Install these Blue interior lights and show them off by taking your friends for a drive.

These Blue interior lights generally cost around $40 -$50 but you can buy them from iJDMTOY.com for just $ 28 which is quite a steal at such a low price. If you really love your car and wish to redefine the look of your car then you can avail lots of great low priced upgrade deals on iJDMTOY.com.

4 Lights Wide Angle Shine Deluxe SMD LED Interior Lights

iJDMTOY Memorial Day Sale

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High Power LED Work Light

Something you need to know about worklight

Any work environment – regardless how remote in location – need to have functional and energy efficient light systems. There is a variety of work lights, and light bulbs too, all coming together to liven up your day and night and productivity levels. This may appear quite unimportant and trival, but it actually is pretty important when you actually need it indeed. Your crews might not have the work done if your lighting system sucks!


The Recommended Choice: LED Work Lights

If you are looking for some most energy efficient work lights, they have to come with high power LED’s. These LED work lights can last for as a minimum four times longer than your typical fluorescent or incandescent work lamps. Being simple in design, these LED work light generates a lot less heat compared to other types and UV rays are not released either. This will help to account for the fact that they need very little maintaining for the reason that of their ‘sun-like’ longevity.

Hence when using high power LED lights for LED work light, it make the conventional work light brighter yet more power saving.

Here are some comparison

• 15W high power LED work light has 1275 lumen vs. the same price Halogen work light’s only 700 lumen lighting output
• 18W high power LED work light has 1500 lumen vs. the same price Halogen work light’s only 700 lumen lighting output
• 27W high power LED work light has 2300 lumen vs. the same price Halogen work light’s only 700 lumen lighting output


• 2x brighter than halogen work light
• Beam pattern: wide flood beam
• Anti-break lens
• Compatible with both 12V and 24V vehicles
• High-impact metal housing with stainless steel hardware
• Vibration-dampened mounting bracket
• Hardwired leads with stripped-wire pigtail
• Working temperature: below 140F
• Waterproof sealed to IP67
• Excellent for ATV, Project Vehicles, Jeep, SUV, Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Truck, Tractor and any vehicles or heavy equipments, etc.

2010 LA Auto Show Debut Pictures And More!

Recently we went to the LA Auto Show (Los Angeles International Auto Show) and saw a variety of new cars, concept cars, car designs, etc. The 2010 Auto Show featured cars such as BMW, Audi, historical cars like the first Porsche imported to the US, JDM cars like the Honda CR-Z, and so many others we decided to post some pics for you guys!

6 Series Concept 1

BMW 6 Series Concept Car (above)

6 Series Concept 2

BMW 6 Series Concept Car

Audi R8 CT

Audi R8 CT

First Porsche Imported to US

First Ever Porsche Imported Into The US

JDM Honda CR - Z

JDM Honda CR-Z

Lexus GS450 Hybrid

Lexus GS – 450 Hybrid

Lexus LS600L

Lexus LS – 600L

Mazda Concept (Next RX - 7 Maybe)

Mazda Concept (Maybe the next RX – 7)

Mercedes E Class LED DRL 1

Mercedes E Class LED DRL

Mercedes E Class LED DRL 2

Mercedes E Class LED DRL

New Dodge Charger

New Dodge Charger

New Mercedes CL CLass

New Mercedes CL Class

New Mercedes CLS Class

New Mercedes CLS Class

Toyota Sienna VIP Style

Toyota Sienna VIP Style

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