Shine Bright With Subaru LED DRL

These super bright 9005 LED bulbs on high beam as daytime running lights are a fantastic addition for your Subaru. Not only are the LED lights visible in the daytime, they are also very bright at night, giving your Subaru that generous step-up from stock.

Subaru Legacy LED DRL 01

For his 2013 Subaru Legacy, our customer first bought the bulbs only. However, the LED bulbs didn’t fully light up, he bought the special DRL relay wires and that completely fixed the problem. Just remember that if you have a 2012-up Subaru, you’ll need to get the special decoder wiring to get the bulbs to their full intensity.

Subaru Legacy LED DRL 02

If you’re looking for excellent quality as well as a cool look, you won’t go wrong with these LED daytime running lights. These LEDs combine perfect flawless bright lights with a superior look that will make all heads turn when you’re on the road.

Capture Luxury With Audi Style LED Side Glow Strips

Love the strip lights on an Audi but don’t actually own one? These special Audi style side glow LED strips gives your car that Audi look without the expensive sticker price of actually buying an Audi. So this is a great way to get in touch with your inner Audi fan as well as to pay tribute to this iconic luxury brand.

Audi Style LED Strip Lights 04
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LED Halo Fog Lights Are a Customizer’s Dream

Projector fog lights are a must-have for any car enthusiasts where beginners and experts can both appreciate. These LED Halo Fog Lights are 3 times brighter than traditional CCFL to really showcase your new lights. These LEDs are actually very versatile because they can either be used as fog lights or head lights. That leaves customization directly up to you!

Nissan 240SX 02
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Exclusive! LED Eyelid Module For BMW 560 LCI 5 Series

Want to give your prized baby a nice facelift? This xenon white BMW LED Eyelid is a great way to spice up your ride while adding some unique style and pizzazz on the road. This E60 LED eyelid mod is so exclusive that it’s only compatible with 2008-2010 BMW E60 5 Series only. You would also have to make sure your 5 Series has the LCI headlight before buying this add-on.

BMW LED Eyelid Mod 2

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Luxurious Audi-Style LED Side Glow Strip Lights

If you love the Audi LED strip lights but hate the hefty price tag on one of these expensive vehicles, we have a nice pair of Audi style side glow LED lights that give you the Audi look without having to spend too much money. One of our customers brought in a 2009 BMW E92 M3 and had it fitted with Audi style LEDs for a whole new look.
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