Brighter than Sunlight: HID BMW Angel Eyes vs. Mid-noon Sunshine

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hid - angel - eyes - bmw - 7 1

Supervised by the brightness of the angel eyes in the pictures? This is our secret gift for bimmer drivers – HID angel eyes. The HID angel eyes are much brighter than the regular angel eyes, and make your BMW more stunning on the road.

hid - angel - eyes - bmw - 5 1

We’ve installed the lights for a 2010 BMW X5 and a 2010 BMW E92 335i. The lights work great and add a sleek look to the bimmer. Now we are looking for a 2008 and up BMW E60 5 series to test this product. If drive one, visit our store in the LA area and we’ll give you a set for free and install the light for you. Enjoy the pictures.   

hid - angel - eyes - bmw - 3 1

hid - angel - eyes - bmw - 4 1

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