Jeep Grand Cherokee 3157 LED Daytime Running Lights

If you’ve got a Jeep Grand Cherokee, you know how important it is to drive safe, but still have fun. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is for the driver who has precious cargo to haul but still wants to on a road trip on occasion. Since this car can be utilized a number of ways, the best thing to do is make this car as versatile as possible, with a new set of Grand Cherokee LED DRL to be great on the road and off the road. These are extremely bright high powered LED bulbs that are made with high powered CREE LED emitters. They can even be used as backup lights or turn signal lights.

Jeep Grand Cherokee LED DRL 02
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Dodge Challenger Switchback LED Turn Signal Lights

Switchback LED Lights are pretty popular on the market nowadays and you see more and more people making the transition to install Switchback LED turn signal bulbs into their cars. What’s special about these bulbs is that they have the ability to produce dual colors and can easily switch back and forth at a moment’s notice. This is actually a newly designed switchback that is two times brighter than anything else comparable on the market.

dodge challenger switchback LED 01
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Cadillac Escalade LED Daytime Running Light Bulb Replacements

The Cadillac Escalade is a fairly large vehicle with headlights relative to the overall size of the car. Since the headlight is so large, it has room to have dedicated lights to serve one purpose such as the daytime running lights, parking lights, and turn signals. Since the daytime running lights are one dedicated bulb, it is easy to replace and requires no additional components. The Cadillac Escalade uses 3157/4157 sized bulbs for the daytime running light bulbs and we have a suitable plug and play replacement.

Cadillac Escalade LED Daytime Running Light Bulbs 1

Our 68-SMD 3157 LED Replacement Bulbs are part of our very popular “68-SMD” series; these bulbs are known for their color, brightness, and affordability. Like many dedicated daytime running lights, separates components such as resistors and decoders are not required for installation. These are just plug and play meaning they replace the factory bulb directly with no modifications required. Because the LEDs cover the entire surface area of the bulb, 360 degrees of light coverage is produced so the whole housing is filled with light. With 20,000 estimated working hours, these will surely outlive the life of your car; these LED replacement bulbs are a great way to update the look of your Escalade. Since HID lights are not available in this size, LED replacement bulbs are the perfect way to get that same look for a much cheaper price.

Cadillac Escalade LED Daytime Running Light Bulbs 2

3156 3157 (aka 3056 3357 3457 4157) LED Bulbs

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High Power 3157 LED Backup Reverse Lights on a Saturn Sky

There may be many instances where you are in a dark area and wished you had brighter reverse lights so you can see a potential hazard when while backing up; this can be easily solved by upgrading your backup reverse lights to LED instead. While LED lights will not provide you the same amount of light output like HID lights do, but will provide a more intense and focused light that will allow you to see better and for others to see you. This upgrade is both aesthetically pleasing and increases the safety for you and other drivers at night.

5W CREE XP-E LED Reverse Lights 1

Installed on this Saturn Sky is our 5W CREE XP-E High Power 3157 LED Bulbs. These bulbs are a direct plug and play replacement bulb so there are no modifications required for installation, simply remove the original bulb and replace it with the new one. The color is 6000K Xenon White. With this unique glass lens design, the LED reverse light is dispersed evenly and across a large angle so it is useful on a variety of housings unlike the typical CREE projector LED bulb which projects the light in a narrow beam.

5W CREE XP-E LED Reverse Lights 2

This upgrade is a must have for any car enthusiast who is looking to enhance their night time visibility while backing up and have a head-turning, unique look for their vehicle. We have a large selection of the same style bulb in different sizes which can accommodate a large variety of vehicles on the road.

5W CREE XP-E LED Reverse Lights 3

5W CREE XP-E High Power LED Light

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2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Looks Stunning with 3157 LED DRL

2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee is piece of art – a masterful meld of classic styling cues and modern design, and if you upgrade the round headlamps with the featured 3157 LED DRL bulbs, the magic happens. Take a look at the pictures showing this gorgeous SUV – at first sight you know it’s a Grand Cherokee, but it looks a lot better. This stylish new front matches perfectly the signature seven-slot grille and the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 3157 LED DRL 1

As I stated earlier, the key to this brand new look is the 3157 LED bulb – a perfect replacement for the stock unit. Each LED bulb has 40 pieces 1210 SMD LED Chips made by CREE Electronics – it is brighter than the stock filament bulb and shines in Xenon White color. Of course, you can pick this great product in Brilliant Red color, too. Either way, you’ll end up with very good-looking ride that will stand out from the crowd.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 3157 LED DRL 2

Replacing the stock bulbs is as easy as pie. Just locate the back of the lamp, then twist its socket and plug out the OEM halogen bulb. After that replace the stock bulb with the completely plug and play Jeep Grand Cherokee LED DRL bulb and insert it back. No error will popup on the dashboard and flawless work is guaranteed. However, if you drive a vehicle different from 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee and use these LED bulbs for turn signal lights, you might need to add a pair of load resistors to prevent hyper flashing or malfunction problem.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 3157 LED DRL 3

This 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a proof that even small tweaks like these 3157 LED DRL bulbs from iJDMTOY can make big difference. Since this type of bulbs is used for turn signal lights, brake tail lights, parking lights and backup reverse lights in various models, you can check the Osram Sylvania Lamp Replacement Guide to find out whether it will fit your ride.

Jeep Grand Cherokee 3157 LED DRL 4

3156 3157 3056 3357 4157 LED Bulbs

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