Toyota Prius LED Turn Signal Lights

Many drivers choose to swap out their stock turn signal light bulbs and upgrade to brighter and better LED. There’s no doubt that LED is always a better choice, especially with the warm amber glow that’s emitted every time you turn on your flashers. These 7440 LED Turn Signal Bulbs are a great choice for someone who is a beginner in car modification and wants to get their feet wet, or the experienced modifier who could totally change these LED bulbs with their eyes closed.

Toyota Prius 7440 LED Turn Signal 04
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Mazda 3 LED Backup Lights for the Trusty Sedan

A trusty, reliable sedan doesn’t need much to keep it looking nice, but you can still add a bit of upgrade here and there to keep it fun and fresh. If you don’t know what kind of aftermarket install you want to try, perhaps a new set of 7440 LED reverse lights would be pretty nice. Unlike LED daytime running lights, you don’t use LED reverse lights all the time so this could be a great time to do some trial and error to see what kind of car lights you would like to keep.

Mazda 3 LED Reverse Lights 7440 01
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Subaru BRZ Scion FR-S LED Corner Lights are a Warm Glow

When you think of JDM cars, one of the first cars that come up would be the Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S. Not surprisingly, these twins have all sorts of aftermarket products that would make any car enthusiast turn green with envy. 7440 LED turn signal lights give your Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S a different look from factory so you get a different look in absolutely no time.

Subaru BRZ LED 7440 Turn Signal 01
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Egg Yolks Belong in Breakfast, Not Headlights or Tail Lights

If you own a newer vehicle, you have probably noticed that the turn signal housing in the headlight or tail lights are clear which allow the orange/yellow bulb to show which can be quite an eye sore. Aesthetically, having a clear colored housing with an "egg yolk" look is not appealing as it does not flow with the rest of the housing.

LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 1

Fortunately for you all, we offer replacement LED bulbs that still shine orange/yellow, but will not have the unpleasant egg yolk look when the light is off; instead the turn signal housing will blend into the rest of the housing.

LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 2

Not only will these lights be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, they can also stay within the legal guidelines of the road which state that turn signals and indicators must be amber/yellow. These lights are plug and play and very easy to install, simply remove the original bulb and replace with the LED turn signal lights. Please do keep in mind that whenever you change your turn signals to LED, load resistors will be required to allow the lights to flash at the same as stock; since LED bulbs draw less power, the turn signals will blink as though a bulb is out.

LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 3

LED Turn Signal Light Bulbs 4

7440 7441 7443 7444 T20 LED Bulbs

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2008 Infiniti FX35 – Luxury SUV with 7440 LED DRL

The 2008 Infiniti FX35 could be considered a lovely sport sedan in SUV clothing with a small upgrade from the owner – he installed the 7440 LED DRL, which made the FX35 look more vivid and aggressive. In a vehicle like this you’ll enjoy quick acceleration and awesome appearance, but what’s more important, you’ll be amazed by the amount of interest this babe generates with the 7440 LED DRL on.

Infiniti FX35 LED DRL T20 Driving Lights 1

Take a look at the pictures of the featured 2008 Infiniti FX35 with T20 LED Driving Lights on. These LED lights perfectly match the clean headlights design and contribute to the overall somehow "hi-tech" appearance. The old yellowish look is gone and it is replaced by the brand new 7440 LED bulbs. Each JDM 18-SMD 5050 T20 bulb contains 18 Beautiful High Quality 3-Cell 5050 SMD chips which are much brighter and colorful than the stock OEM dull yellowish tungsten lamps.

Infiniti FX35 LED DRL T20 Driving Lights 2

The best thing is that you don’t need to own a 2008 Infiniti FX35 to enjoy this high quality product, but a car that is equipped with bulbs No. 7440, 7443 or 992A. These LED bulbs are commonly used for turn signal corner lights, backup reverse lights, or brake/stop lights and iJDMTOY offers them in four color variations: Xenon White, Ultra Blue, Brilliant Red or Amber Yellow to match your taste. Replacing the OEM bulbs takes a few minutes and you can do it on-the-fly at home. Just plug out the OEM bulb and plug in the new LED one. Nothing more, nothing less – what you get is what you see. If you need some assistance, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and we’ll do our best to help you.

Infiniti FX35 LED DRL T20 Driving Lights 3

Our 7440 LED DRL are a heck of a nice touch to this lovely 2008 Infiniti FX35 and made it look a thousand times better. They are much brighter than other bulbs out there, and the quality you receive for your money is no less than excellent. You really can’t go wrong with purchasing this product. Treat your car the way it deserves and turn some heads around while cruising down the street in style.

7440 7441 7443 7444 T20 LED Bulbs

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