Upgrade Honda Accord LED Daytime Running Lights without Break the Bank

Audi has revolutionized the appearance with their unique LED DRL lights on the front end of their vehicles. It is inspired many other manufacturers such as Hyundai, Lexus and specifically Honda. You might find it hard to believe that a Honda has adapted their front end with a LED DRL on their headlight but it is true. The latest generation 2013 and up Honda Accord has become one of the latest car manufacturers to join this movement started by Audi.

Honda Accord LED Daytime Running Lights 1

Over the years, Honda vehicles are often viewed as just a low class vehicle but they have revamped their whole line of vehicles to a much more modern look everyone is accustomed to seeing. The Honda Accord now has an option for the LED DRL but not all vehicles are equipped with the LED DRL. iJDMTOY’s latest retrofit components will allow you to convert those non-LED DRL equipped models to look exactly like OEM in a very inexpensive cost. The LED DRL is a fairly simple installation as it would be a replacement of the existing parking light bulbs with our new LED with all the necessary plugs and adapters. The kit not only fits sedan models but coupe trims as well.

Honda Accord LED Daytime Running Lights 2

Those who have the non-LED DRL equipped models have to deal with the awful, amber looking color when their vehicle is turned on but iJDMTOY’s Honda Accord LED DRL kit will change that in an instant. When you hear the word retrofit, you would automatically assume cutting and baking of your headlight. That is definitely not the case here with iJDMTOY. As mentioned previously, installation is simple but is highly advised to unbolt your headlight from your vehicle; therefore, you have more space to perform the installation as the housing is enclosed in a very tight area. You can ask yourself, “Should I spend an extra thousand dollars from OEM?” or “Should I go with the simple route with iJDMTOY?”

Honda Accord LED Daytime Running Lights 3

The end result will be amazing with the upgraded Honda Accord LED DRL retrofit kit. This Honda Accord LED DRL retrofit kit will give the vehicle a much modern appearance just like the Audi vehicles. With such a straight forward installation, it would be wise choice to give this Honda Accord LED DRL retrofit kit a try.

Headlight LED Daytime Running Lights Retrofit LED Assembly For 2013-up Honda Accord

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9005 LED Bulbs Best for Your Honda Accord Daytime Running Lights DRL

iJDMTOY carries supreme quality aftermarket LED bulbs for Honda Accord. Our LED bulbs are available with different lighting output and can be installed as fog light lamps and daytime running lights. The 9005 LED daytime running lights featured in the pictures will be a great add-on by providing safety benefits and adding elegant details to your Accord.

honda - accord - led - daytime - running - light - 3

This high quality 9005 LED DRL is the direct placement for the stock 55W 9005 (aka HB3) halogen bulbs offering 6000K clean white lighting. The lamp is designed by I.P.F., a top Japanese manufacturer of auto lighting system.  In order for the LED lights to be visible during daytime, our 9005 LED DRL contains 68 pieces of high power SMD. The LED bulbs provides 360 degrees of light and perfectly match the headlight of your Accord.

The 9005 size is equivalent to HB3 and will also fit 9145 housings. We've successfully tested the bulb on several models of Lexus, Mazda and Toyota. If you drive a European car with on board computer, iJDMTOY also offers load resistors to help you get rid of error messages.  

honda - accord - led - daytime - running - light - 2

honda - accord - led - daytime - running - light - 1

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Xenon White 68-SMD 360-degree shine 9005 (aka HB3 or 9145) Hyper-Flux LED Bulbs For Fog Lights or Daytime Running Lights

Xenon White 68-SMD 360-degree shine 9005 (aka HB3 or 9145) Hyper-Flux LED Bulbs For Fog Lights or Daytime Running Lights

6000K Xenon White 9005 LED bulbs

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