Easily Command Attention with BMW Halo Rings

LED halo rings can be spotted in many sporty cars such as the Scion FR-S, Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang, and Dodge Challengers. Angel eye halo rings accent projector head lights in such a way that commands attention and awe from other drivers and pedestrians. And while many cars are capable of sporting head lamp halo rings, perhaps they are most synonymous with BMW sedans that carry kits such as the 7000K xenon white SMD LED BMW angel eyes halo rings.

BMW 3 5 Series xenon white LED angel eyes halo rings for headlights
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BMW LED Angel Eye Halo Rings on a 2005 BMW 330i Sedan

The LED angel eye halo rings we have are compatible with the E36 and E46 models, but make sure that you check out the product page to see the complete compatibility list before purchasing. On this particular 2005 BMW 330i Sedan with factory equipped HID/Xenon headlights, these LED angel eyes were a perfect fit. These LED rings require that the headlight housing be opened up to install, but luckily the E46 headlights are not sealed with sealant. Instead of sealant, a removable rubber seal is used to hold the lens to the headlight so installation does not take long to do at all.

BMW 330i Sedan LED Halo Angel Eye Rings 1

The LED rings just clip onto the existing housing so there is no need for any modifications to install these LED angel eyes. The kit includes the plastic clips and adhesive tape for the installation. Wiring is very straight forward and can be easily wired by any individual with basic electrical knowledge and with the help of our installation guide on the website. Each ring measures in at 5.15” (131mm) and has 66-SMD LED 1210 diodes per ring to make up a total of 264 for both headlights. Unlike the conventional CCFL angel eye design, these lights do not have any blind or dim spots; the entire ring is evenly lit from any direction you look at it. The ease of installation and the benefits of these LED halo rings make these the ideal choice for an affordable modification for many BMW E36 and E46 owners.

BMW 330i Sedan LED Halo Angel Eye Rings 2

LED BMW Angel Eyes Halo Rings Kit

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2011 Scion tC with great add-on: Projector Fog Lights

Projector Fog Lights 1

We bet you remember that wicked Nissan 240SX we wrote about a few days ago – the one with the cool Angel Eyes Projectors – well, here is a 2011 Scion tC straight from the dealer with one of our products installed. The owner of that car seems to like LED technology if we judge by the sleek LED strips just above the headlights, but he also likes BMW Angel Eyes, too. Unlike the 240SX owner, this guy fitted the Projector Fog Lights under the bumper, having the yellowish stock fog lights replaced. With this fancy mod installed, he added a nice touch to the overall look of his 2011 Scion tC.

Projector Fog Lights 2

Don’t you want to treat your beloved car the way it deserves? Here’s your chance – these incredible Angel Eyes Projectors are one of the best gifts you can give to your car, SUV, truck, etc. This is an universal fit quality product with nice features: Hella E13 certified crystal glass projector with internal cut-off line, perfect for adding HID Conversion Kit for fog lights; outer 7000K CCFL Angel Eye Halo Rings, which will light up very nice, very eye-catching no matter daytime or night time.

Projector Fog Lights 3

When we talk about quality, you should know that unlike other cheap plastic fog lights, these Projector Fog Lights have glass projectors with metal body. The body has a pre-drilled hole at the back, which makes installing HID kit very easy. All these features will definitely contribute to take your car next to all those luxurious rides out there. What’s more – your car is going to stand out when you switch on the Angel Eyes Projectors.

Some of you might know that the Scion tC is marketed to be customized in many ways. In 2007 Scion released a Scion tC Spec Package priced and targeted for tuners starting at $15,000, but you can upgrade your vehicle without compromise on quality, for a very small amount of money with our exclusive Projector Fog Lights, which will fit in perfectly for most cars right under the bumper.

Projector Fog Light Lamps

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Projector Fog Lights add a wicked touch to Nissan 240SX

Glass Projector Fog LightsProjector Fog Lights 1

The owner of this Nissan 240SX seems to like the BMW Angel Eyes and we came up to that conclusion when we saw another cool application of our Projector Fog Lights. The car looks just amazing with this mod – it gives the vehicle sporty and aggressive look, a wicked touch from above. And if you see it at night with lights switched on – wow, it looks like a car from the Transformers motion picture.

Projector Fog Lights 2

Actually, this product was designed for fog lights, but we have a lot of customers customized these to work for headlights as well. See this customer for example. These lights have CCFL Angel Eyes around with glass, not plastic projectors with internal cut-off line, which makes them perfect for adding HID Conversion Kit for fog lights. With its outer 7000K CCFL Angel Eye Halo Ring, it lights up very nice, very eye-catching no matter daytime or night time. If you do not order the HID package, the lights come with standard 55W bulbs which are also very bright. But if you put HID into them – prepare for a real feast of super bright xenon white light.

Projector Fog Lights 3

In case you are worried whether these bad boys will fit your vehicle, then we are going to tell you this is a universal fit quality product. You can put them on your car, SUV, SAV, truck, etc. Installing these Angel Eyes Projectors is easy, but if you have some questions or troubles, then follow the step-by-step installation instructions on our website.

Why don’t you treat your car with something special, something that everybody will admire? Then think of purchasing this fantastic Projector Fog Lights HID ready kit, install it and wait patiently for the night to fall – then it’s your time – just like our friend with the Nissan 240SX does.

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