Audi A5 LED License Plate Lights Uber Classy

What’s something that’s small, easy to install, but packs a whole lot of punch? LED license plate lights do a fantastic job of adding to the look of the car, but keep the general appearance. If you didn’t want to do anything extreme like drilling into your bumper or attempting some retrofit modifications, then LED license plate lights is a great choice. These Audi LED license plate lamps have a built-in CAN-bus controller that makes sure that there’s no error message from the onboard computer.

Audi A5 LED license plate 02
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Rock your Audi A5 with some Pink LED interior lights

12-SMD Pinkish Purple (Magenta) LED PCB Panel LightsPink LED lights

Audi A5 with Pink Led interior lights isn’t something you’ll see everyday. And if you want to make some real impression, you’ll be definitely noticed with these Purple LED lights. We suppose the owner of this Audi was bored with the stock yellowish interior lighting and decided to change the dome lights to Pink LED lights. For which we understand, presuming the fact that LED is the new leading technology is automotive lighting. Now it is time for a change.

Pink LED lights

If pink is not you color, then don’t worry, as we bet you know some ladies that will go crazy about the idea of purple lighted interior. And don’t go with the dome lights only, be creative! These 12-SMD Pinkish Purple 1210 type LED light panels are perfect for car interior lights such as map lights, dome lights and door courtesy lights, as the owner of this Audi A5 replaced the original ones.

Pink LED lights

You don’t have to bother with some complicated installation, as the package includes a pair of T10, and 2 pieces adjustable universal fit festoon adapters, which will fit to any wedge and festoon housings, but for more information you’d better check out our website. What about those people who doesn’t own A5? Today is your lucky day if you drive Audi A4, Audi Q5 or Audi A7 and want to make some change that will make your ride stand out, because these Purple LED lights will fit like a glove.

Take a good look at those red leather seats. They seem so comfy, so smooth, but this is because of the LED dome lights, which makes them look new and clean. Did you see the warm pink light over the gear knob? Even the dashboard looks so warm and welcoming! The whole car whispers get in, you’ll be like in heaven? Audi A5 with Pink LED light inside? This sounds like heaven.

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Upgrade Your D3S HID Bulbs With Higher Kelvin For More Intense Light

A customer of ours installed our new iJDMTOY D3S HID bulbs for his 2009 Audi A5 on the headlights.

The D3S xenon lights are perfect to upgrade your Audi HID headlights. The D3S bulbs we carry come in two kelvins 6000K and 8000K. When choosing to upgrade your Audi A5 headlights, choose D3S size not D3R.

The 6000K features an ultra white look while the 8000K D3S bulb has a brilliant blue color. These HID upgrade / replacement bulbs are perfect when you want a better light output and a more aggressive look.

Here are some pictures from the customer, have a look and see if you like it.

Audi - A5 - D3S - HID - bulbs - 1

Audi - A5 - D3S - HID - bulbs - 2

Audi - A5 - D3S - HID - bulbs - 3

More on this product: D3S HID bulbs for Audi A4, A5, Q5, Q7. This product uses high intensity discharge (HID) on xenon gas to provide improved lighting for your car.

JDM 6000K or 8000K ArcVision D3S or D3R HID Xenon Upgrade Bulbs

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