Audi A6 Style 9-LED Daytime Running Lights on a BMW

We offer a large variety of LED daytime running lights, some that are vehicle specific and some that are universal which can be made to fit a plethora of vehicles. In this particular case, we have a customer who purchased our 9-LED Daytime Running Lamps and installed it on his BMW.

BMW LED Daytime Running Lights 1

These particular lights are easily installed when there is a mesh grill behind them since they are screwed into the back of the housing through the mesh which holds it in place. Fortunately for this customer, his car’s fog light area was the perfect size to accommodate these lights and required little to no modification to install. The shape and flow of the lamp and application area allowed these lights to fit flush and look very natural there.

BMW LED Daytime Running Lights 2

Our customer connected the wires to these lights directly to his daytime running lights so that when those lights are on, the LED daytime running lamps are also on acting as additional lights. Since there are only two wires coming off the LED lamp, the installation is very easy and straight forward; they just need to be connected to a 12v power source and ground.

BMW LED Daytime Running Lights 3

This item has been made to fit on this customer’s BMW very easily and it can also fit on other vehicles with similar bumper openings like the picture above. This lamp is actually a direct fit item for 2005-2008 Audi C6/A6/S6, but as shown in this article, it can be fitted onto other vehicles if room allows.

BMW LED Daytime Running Lights 4

Audi A6 Style 9-Light LED Daytime Running Lamps

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Audi Style LED Daytime Running Lights On BMW 330i

LED daytime running lights are becoming more popular on many vehicles including the Mercedes. These Mercedes style lights (or Audi style as some call it) are lights that fit into the bumper. Popularized by a "euro" look, these daytime running lights add style of Euro running lights onto many vehicles.

These custom fitted lamps have a wide 9-LED span that covers most of the bumper area making the lights look originally part of the car. As is tradition, the lights from iJDMTOY are LED based. These lights give a concentrated shine and are perfect for daytime driving lights.

The LED lights are energy efficient, using 1W per led but provides a high power shine equivalent to lamps running on higher wattage. You can find this item at iJDMTOY, under Audi style LED DRL.

BMW - 330i - led - drl - 1

BMW - 330i - led - drl - 2

Product featured: 9-LED daytime running lights

JDM Audi A5 A6 Style High Power 9-LED Xenon White Daytime Running Light (DRL) Lamp kit

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The Infiniti G35 Sedan installed the 48 counts LED Strip Lights inside the high beam housing as LED Angel Eye Ring

We have done installation for an Infiniti G35 Sedan installed the LED Strip Lights in its high beam housings as Angel Eye Rings.

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Infiniti - G35 - LED - Strip 02

Infiniti - G35 - LED - Strip 03

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Infiniti - G35 - LED - Strip 11

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