LED Pod Light Kit System – Super Bright!

Some people work deep into the night with their project and their truck near by just waiting for you to be done and then there are others who take full potential of what they have and install the iJDMTOY Tow Hitch Mount LED Pod Backup Reverse Lights. These are super useful for working latest night and you need bright lights to shine what you are doing.

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Lexus IS 350 CREE LED Reverse Light Bulbs

It’s extremely important to have adequate visibility during night driving, especially when backing the car up. These 921 LED bulbs for backup are
specially designed for reverse light purposes or parking city lights. The CREE high power T10 LED bulb has 3 pieces of 5W high powered CREE
emitters in the front with a optical projector so that makes the output extremely bright.

Lexus IS LED Reverse 01
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Valenti Rear Bumper LED Backup Lights For Scion FRS Subaru BRZ

We have finally have this valenti style LED rear bumper lights installed for Mario for his 13 Scion FR-S.

Looks very nice, especially at night time when we shoot for more pictures and I took this video. Hope you guys like this video.

This easy installed LED rear bumper backup lights will fit both Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ replace the current light-less rear bumper reverse lamp for a nice V-shape LED tail lights, with add-on 4th brake light and upgrade the stock halogen backup lights to the new LED.

2007-up BMW X5 (E70) T15/921 LED Backup Reverse Light Bulbs

Are there times where you wish that you had more light available when you are reversing out of dark parking lot? Or times where it would be much brighter so other drivers can tell that you are backing out of a parking spot? Fortunately, we have a solution for you; our CREE XP-E T15/921 LED Bulbs will be the answer these questions.

BMW X5 921 LED Reverse Light Bulbs 1

Each T15 LED bulb contains five (5) CREE XP-E R4 LED diodes; four (4) on the sides and one (1) on the top with a 3x optical lens to provide 500 lumens of 360 degree shine output. Each LED backup reverse light bulb has a maximum operating output of 25w are completely error free for the 2009 BMW X5 (E70) we tested on; we have not yet tested these lights on other European vehicles. These will work just fine on any Japanese/Korean/American vehicle that uses the 921 bulb size.

BMW X5 921 LED Reverse Light Bulbs 2

These LED reverse light bulbs will fit a variety of other familiar sizes such as 906, 912, or any T15 sized socket. It can be replacements for T10 (168, 194, etc) bulbs as well, but please make sure you check the length for fitment issues prior to purchasing. These are available for purchasing using the link below:


BMW X5 921 LED Reverse Light Bulbs 3

High Power 912 921 W16W T15 LED Bulbs

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2011 BMW E92 LCI High Power LED Backup Reverse Lights

We are proud to release our PH16W LED backup reverse light bulbs for the 2011 and up BMW E92 LCI model made with 25w CREE High Power diodes. These high power LED bulbs will directly replace the original incandescent factory bulbs with no modifications required.

BMW E92 LCI LED Reverse Lights 1

BMW E92 LCI LED Reverse Lights 2

Each bulb is powered by five (5) CREE R4 LED chips; one on the top with a optical projector lens to focus the light and four on the sides to provide a 360 degree type flood light. These lights produce approximately 500 lumen and are about twice as bright as our competitor’s LED and about five times brighter than the factory bulb.

BMW E92 LCI LED Reverse Lights 3

BMW E92 LCI LED Reverse Lights 4

These lights are rated at 6500K Xenon White which will be mostly white with a slight hint of blue. These brand new types of LED backup lights provide a bright output while staying wallet friendly; not to mention they are also error free.

BMW E92 LCI LED Reverse Lights 6

BMW E92 LCI LED Reverse Lights 5

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