2009 Infiniti G37 with Super Cool Black-Out Tail Light Covers

2009 Infiniti G37 is a head-turning top-class performer and boosting the look with these black tail light covers is a great upgrade. Getting a self-adhesive black-out dark protection vinyl film is one of the best solutions if you want to get that unique look. Tinting tail lights is becoming more and more popular every day and with some patience and a few dollars, enhancing the modified look of a vehicle is a sure thing.

Infiniti G37 Black Tail Light Covers 1

The process is completely reversible at a later date. If you happen to sell the car, or just want to take it back to stock, the film is removable and will not damage your lamp nor leave any residual. iJDMTOY offers high quality waterproof black-out vinyl film that will not fade, chip, crack, nor peel over time. The size of one sheet is 12" x 48" (1′ x 4′), not pre-cut with sheet thickness about 0.005 inches and is perfect for varieties of places such as headlights, tail lights, fog lights, side marker lights, bumpers, hood or even windshield.

Infiniti G37 Black Tail Light Covers 2

In order to apply a sheet of this black-out film, you’ll need a vinyl squeegee (credit card with cloth wrap will work, too), soft cloth towel, spray bottle with soapy water and a hair dryer or a heat gun. First you have to clean the surface of the tail light with soap and water to ensure all debris are removed from the surface. Carefully remove the overlay and the protective film from the sheet and spray the overlay’s adhesive side with soapy water. Then align and apply the film on the tail light, smooth out and use the vinyl squeegee to push out all the soapy water on the front face of the tail light. Make sure the crease are evenly distributed on the overlay, therefore you can easily smooth it out with a heat gun and squeegee.

Infiniti G37 Black Tail Light Covers 3

Carefully pull and fold the side inward – you can use the hair dryer to soften up the vinyl and squeegee out all the crease. If needed, stretch and pull the vinyl to smooth out. The excess vinyl can be easily cut using a brand new exact knife.

Infiniti G37 Black Tail Light Covers 4

If you want your car to stand out like this 2009 Infiniti G37 with Black-out tail lamp covers, then get the featured product from iJDMTOY. It is human nature to want to be different and stand out in different desired styles. Tail light tinting is a growing trend that can be done by professionals or right in your home garage. Join the upcoming rise and look into getting your tail lights tinted!

Tail Lights Tint Vinyl Overlay Film

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