BMW 4 Series Projector Lens Fog Light

BMW has been creating many great performance cars for a very long time with an amazing history and car line. Compared to Mercedes AMG, the M series cars almost all perform better than those carrying the AMG badge. To match its amazing performance, one must be able to see farther and in more dangerous weather which is why this BMW 4 series that one of our customer brought over is equipped with our
iJDMTOY Projector Lens Fog Lamps.
BMW 4 Series Fog Light
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BMW E90 LED Angel Eyes Comparison Versus Stock

These are high powered BMW LED angel eyes with the new xenon white upgrade to get rid of the stock angel eyes once and for all. It gives you a matching HID look like what you see on the 2011 BMW 3 Series and the 2011 BMW 5 Series. The angel eyes are for 2006-2008 3 Series with pre-LCI for a whole new facelift. The LED angel eye ring marker bulbs are error free so you don’t have to deal with that pesky error message that sometimes plagues all European car owners.

BMW E90 PreLCI Angel Eyes 01
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Revised Daytime Running Light LED Bulbs for BMW 3-Series (F30)

Our new line up of the popular PW24W LED bulbs for the 2012+ BMW 3-Series (F30) without factory HID headlights are finally here. These daytime running light LED bulbs are new and improved versions are made with an aluminum body to better dissipate the heat from the ten high power 5730-SMD LED diodes on each bulbs. There are several improvements over the previous versions that include better heat control which equals a longer life for the bulb, a brighter and more intense light, easier to install, and a sexier looking bulb inside the housing.

BMW 3-Series PW24W LED Daytime Running Light Bulbs 1

BMW 3-Series PW24W LED Daytime Running Light Bulbs 2

The new aluminum metal design not only provides better heat dissipation properties than the traditional PCB board material that other bulbs are made of, it also gives the these new PW24W LED bulbs a stylish look that matches well with insides of the headlight. These new LED daytime running light bulbs are also much easier to install compared to the previous models.

BMW 3-Series PW24W LED Daytime Running Light Bulbs 3

The high power 5730-SMD LED diodes on each bulb are also much brighter and crisper than the previous version that only utilizes the common 5050-SMD LED chips instead. Thanks to the brighter 5730 LED diodes these newer bulbs are much brighter. These new bulbs are 50% brighter than all the previous models.

BMW 3-Series PW24W LED Daytime Running Light Bulbs 4

BMW 3-Series PW24W LED Daytime Running Light Bulbs 5

Since these lights are also being used on a European vehicle with a can-bus system, these new PW24W LED bulbs are built with resistors already equipped to prevent any type of error messages or fault codes saying the daytime running lights are malfunctioning. All the improvements made with these new LED bulbs are from the feedback we received from our customers with the original models; the feedback we received allowed us to create these better, brighter, and easier to install LED bulbs.

BMW F30 3 Series (non-Xenon) For Daytime Running Lights

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Treat Your 2004 BMW 330i to Something Nice with LED License Plate Lights

iJDMTOY carries supreme quality

License plate lights are important. Not only are they required by law at night, they can also look pretty cool with 6418 LED Bulbs. 6418 LED Bulbs are license plate lights for 2004 BMW 330i. But why 6418 LED Bulbs? For starters, these will install onto 2004 BMW 330i without triggering any error messages. These bulbs are also much brighter compared to the regular stock bulbs to achieve a powerful illumination and unique style.

2004 - bmw - 330i - led - license - plate - lights - 6418 - led - bulbs - 2

When you look at this photo, you’ll notice just how powerful the LED License Plate Lights are. They’re even brighter than the brake lights! That cool and crisp pure white color redefines what a BMW should be. A BMW is a luxury automobile, drivers should give their BMWs the best lights, even license plate lights.

2004 - bmw - 330i - led - license - plate - lights - 6418 - led - bulbs - 3

Unless you’re a car hijacker, cops now won’t have any trouble seeing your license plate lights and won’t have any trouble in the future because LED consumes less power on your car battery than regular stock bulbs. Not only that, LED License Plate Lights has a far longer life than regular bulbs. They are much sturdier too to avoid any long term damage. In a nutshell, LED bulbs can last if not outlast your car.

Certain drivers like myself have custom license plates. I’m not saying I’m a showoff but hey I spend money having a custom license plate, I might as well show it off and 6418 LED Bulbs are just the thing for that. The radiant light complements my unique license plate.

2004 - bmw - 330i - led - license - plate - lights - 6418 - led - bulbs - 1

The bright LED License Plate Lights is on par with your car’s headlights. Installing LED License Plate Lights is a great complementary to your headlights. Now your car will have matching lights on both sides! These lights are so strong they can pretty much be your back up lights!

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