BMW LED Xenon White Angel Eyes VS Boring Halogen Stock

The 360 Degree 80W CREE High Power H8 LED BMW Angel Eyes Ring Marker Bulbs for BMW are much, much brighter than their factory incandescent counterparts. The LED Angel Eyes just look so much more energetic and don’t have that dull yellow glow that plagues so many vehicles on the road today. There are no modifications needed for this application, as the BMW Angel Eyes are simply plug and play. There aren’t any wires hanging outside of the headlight, for a clean and classy look.

BMW LED Angel Eye 04
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BMW 650i with Super Bright Xenon White BMW Angel Eyes

This BMW 650i looks incredible with the all new 10W high power BMW Angel Eyes ring marker bulbs! What a marvelous combination of HID headlights and BMW LED Halo lights. These pictures are taken in super bright daytime and as you can see, the stunning effect of such LED accessories is still visible! If you look closer, you’ll notice the difference between the all new extremely bright bulb vs. the stock bulb.

BMW 650i LED Halo Angel Eyes 1

Anyway, the featured BMW 650i is a gorgeous beast that will make you feel amazing once you see it. This high power bulb will get rid of the dull yellow look for a premium HID matching look like the all 2011 BMW E92 3 Series and 2011 BMW 5 Series’ OEM BMW Angel Eyes. The 7000k Xenon White HID matching color shines with 1200 lumen lighting output that is more than enough!

BMW 650i LED Halo Angel Eyes 2

But let’s get straight to the point – each bulb has built-in CAN-bus controller and you don’t have to worry whether an OBC error will pop up on the dashboard. Completely plug and play, this product will work for many BMW models, listed on the product description page on the iJDMTOY online shop. Installing is completely plug and play, just find the wire that goes to the Angel Eyes bulb at the back of the light assembly, twist out the old light module, unplug it, plug in this module, and twist this new light back in.

The BMW 650i and all 6 Series set the bar very high for many aspects, but true fans always look for available improvements and certain level of customization – these Xenon White BMW LED Halo lights are perfect choice for all the fans. Producing a powerful crisp white light, that is simply outstanding, you can give your bimmer even more aggressive and stylish look – just go for it and visit iJDMTOY.

10W High Power LED BMW Angel Eyes Ring Marker Bulbs

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Xenon White LED BMW E46 Angel Eye Halo Rings Kit

If you own a BMW E46 3-Series and are tired of looking at other BMW’s such as the newer 3-series models which come with bright and vibrant LED angel eye rings, we have a solution for you! We have designed a specific kit to fit the E46 to give it a newer, updated look that sets you apart from the other E46 models out on the road.

BMW E46 Angel Eye Rings 1

Do not be intimidated by the installation procedure of opening the original headlamps, the E46 is not sealed with adhesive unlike other car headlights, it is sealed with rubber grommets and seals which can be easily removed by following the DIY (Do It Yourself) guides we have available on our website. The overall installation may seem difficult, but by carefully studying the DIY guide and taking your time, it is a very reasonable and modest install.

BMW E46 Angel Eye Rings 2

With these LED angel eye rings, they offer many advantages over conventional CCFL style angel eyes you see on the market such as; no blind spots around the ring, they are six (6) times brighter, and they are much more reliable. Each LED ring contains 66-SMD 1210 LED chips which produce a vibrant 7000K color that will definitely turn heads anywhere you drive.

BMW E46 Angel Eye Rings 3

BMW E46 Angel Eye Rings 4

BMW E46 Angel Eye Rings 5

BMW E46 Angel Eye Rings 6

LED BMW Angel Eyes Halo Rings Kit

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BMW’s Angel Eye Design – Why Inner Rings More Brighter

For those of you who own a BMW, you may wonder why when you replace your OEM turn signal bulbs with LED’s, the outer rings do not light up as evenly as the inner rings. This is a result of the design of the housing itself and not the bulb. Both the outer and inner rings receive light from the same source, but the only difference is that the outer ring’s light has to travel a much further distance compared to the inner rings. LED’s are brighter and more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, but the only downside is that LED lights do not project their light as far as incandescent bulbs do. This is the reason why the OEM bulb can light up the outer rings much more evenly since the light can project further and travel a longer distance.

LED angel eye bulbs 1

Our LED angel eye bulbs will provide you a nice upgrade over the color and output in the inner rings. The outer rings will still be lit up, but it may not be as noticeable during broad and direct daylight due to the design of the housing. However at night or on an overcast day, the rings will be very noticeable and be quite a head turner.

LED angel eye bulbs 2

This may bring up the question of why do the newer BMW models have amazingly bright LED rings that can be seen during direct sunlight so distinctly; this is due to the design change of the newer headlights. The latest BMW vehicles come with LED-lit angel eyes from factory and each ring is powered by LED(s) instead of using one bulb to light up two rings. Since each ring is individually lit, the light is more focused and concentrated which allows the ring to be lit evenly and with a lot of output.

High Power LED BMW Angel Eyes H8 Ring Marker Bulbs

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2005 BMW M3 Looks Sleeker with LED E46 Angel Eyes

The featured 2005 BMW M3 has a perfect blend of style and performance, but when LED Angel Eyes Rings from iJDMTOY were installed, this ride looks awesome. Since M is the most powerful letter in the world, this model deserves only top quality products and modifications. iJDMTOY knows it and offers the brand new xenon white 7000K LED Angel Eyes Kit not only for 2005 BMW M3, but for all the BMW E46 3 Series without factory equipped HID xenon headlights.

BMW E46 3 Series LED Angel Eyes Rings 1

Take a look at the beautiful front end and imagine that you have put a HID conversion kit for your headlights. I guess your car won’t look as sleek as other BMWs on the road if you stay with the stock yellowish Angel Eyes. What’s more, your ride will look ugly comparing with other BMWs on the road, but with the LED Angel Eyes Rings for BMW E46 3 Series from iJDMTOY, the headlights look so much better. This 5 stars product will make your car stand out from the rest and you can see it on the pictures!

BMW E46 3 Series LED Angel Eyes Rings 2

These BMW E46 Angel Eyes are 6 times brighter than conventional CCFL BMW Angel Eyes rings, with no blind point comparing with CCFL rings. The 7000K Xenon White color is a perfect match to HID kits installed on non-factory equipped HID xenon headlights and the plug and play system guarantees no modifications needed. Plus, you can do the "fade on" and "fade off" effect using remote or key, because all relays, brackets, double-sided tapes and harness are included.

BMW E46 3 Series LED Angel Eyes Rings 3

If you wonder how to install these pretty E46 Angel Eyes, then follow the steps, but if you think it’ll be easier, check out the installation video on the iJDMTOY website. First open the hood and remove the corner lenses carefully. After that remove the weather stripping plastic above the headlight and the lower trim piece, then you are ready to remove the headlight lens and the bezel around it.

The next thing you should to is to take the clips from the kit and attach them to the back of one LED Angel Eyes Ring. Once you are ready with this part, feed wires through headlight assembly holes and out the rubber grommet in back. After that you can use a screwdriver to gently open the clips and attach the ring to the headlight housing. Do the same process for the high beam light. Please note you have to leave sufficient clearance for projector movement!

Next up – wiring: Connect LED DriverPack wires to harness coming out of the headlight rubber grommet in back and tuck the DriverPacks away from heat and moisture. Then you are ready to reinstall the headlight bezel, lens, trim, weatherstripping and corner lenses. Look for a small side cubby hole to bolt the relay. Then find the rubber seal covering the positive (+) terminal and route passenger side wiring underneath. Bolt positive ring terminal from harness to the positive terminal of the battery and bolt negative ring terminal from harness to negative terminal of the battery. Put back the rubber seal in place and connect harness ends to LED DriverPack.

Next, route driver side harness inside trim cover behind the engine, then underneath seal to DME cover and finally to driver side LED DriverPack. Connect terminals and remove the DME box cover. Here you have to find the +12V accessory wire (red/white with yellow dots). Once you are ready with this, splice supplied wire tap to +12V wire. Plug spade connector from harness into wire tap and put back the DME box cover.

Remove grommet from passenger side firewall, pierce hole through grommet and thread remote wire. Here you have to punch hole in carpet, route the wire through hole and reinstall grommet. Get in the car and remove passenger footwell light. Carefully reach inside and locate remote wire that you routed earlier. This is where you have to use the supplied wire tap on red/green wire for the remote fade in/out feature. The last step is to reinstall footwell light and test the LED Angel Eyes Rings on your ride with the key remote.

This 2005 BMW M3 worth every penny and easily puts smiles on everyone’s face with the installed E46 Angel Eyes. A truly fantastic car with Angel Eyes that look very similar to the new 2011 and up BMW’s stock high power LED Angel Eyes rings. Turn your beloved BMW E46 3 Series into a head-turner with the featured product from a trustful seller.

LED BMW Angel Eyes Halo Rings Kit

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