2011 BMW 328i Shines With Crisp White E90 Angel Eyes

E90 Angel Eyes 1

The owner of this 2011 BMW 328i was determined to continue his visual tuning project and made a very good choice going with the E90 Angel Eyes and clear turn signals from iJDMTOY. These must have upgrades replaced the standard halogen bulbs, which had more of a yellow tint rather than a pure white light. The difference was especially noticeable and as you can see from the pictures, the car looks far better than before.

E90 Angel Eyes 2

These high power 6W LED bulbs are super bright and the BMW Angel Eyes are very well visible no matter daytime or night time. Thanks to the high quality CREE LED technology, each bulb is extremely power efficient and emits 7000K Xenon White color light, which perfectly matches the HID headlights. Trust me, if you have already got HID headlights, or have upgraded to HID or Xenon bulbs, then this is the perfect accessory for your car.

E90 Angel Eyes 3

If you want to give your bimmer a fresh new look, try with the fancy LED E90 Angel Eyes. These Super Bright LED bulbs produce a powerful crisp white light, which looks just amazing. They fit directly into your existing bulb holder, so there is no modification or cutting of wires required – just ‘plug and play’. And you don’t have to worry whether an OBC error will pop up on the dashboard, because these quality bulbs from iJDMTOY have built-in CAN-bus controller.

E90 Angel Eyes 4

Leaving that 2011 E90 LCI with the OEM dull yellowish halogen bulbs was unacceptable to the owner and after installing the super white LED E90 Angel Eyes, everything went better than expected. As a matter of fact, this fellow got the HID look without paying the price of an actual HID Angel Eyes kit. You can treat your bimmer the same way, save some money and take it up to the next level with E90 Angel Eyes from iJDMTOY, too.

High Power LED BMW Angel Eyes


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2010 BMW 335i with magnificent HID Angel Eyes Kit

BMW HID Angel Eyes KitHID Angel Eyes 1

As soon as we offer quality products, there will be happy customers – just like the owner of this 2010 BMW 335i, who purchased a Super Bright HID Angel Eyes Kit for his ride. It seems he wanted to do a big upgrade and we think he made a perfect choice with this product.

HID Angel Eyes 2

The revolutionary new designed BMW Angel Eyes with HID are twice brighter than the all new 2011 BMW 3 or 5 Series’ OEM LED Angel Eyes and at least three to four times brighter than the traditional H8 halogen Angel Eyes. But you can come up to that conclusion just by looking at the pictures of this "BMW E92 Black Beauty". The Xenon White 6000k color is much brighter and in cloudy days and nighttime it looks no less than great! Another customer compared the light output of these HID Angel Eyes with his headlights’ output, but we strictly don’t recommend using them as headlights – safety first.

HID Angel Eyes 3

Another key feature of this Kit is the special designed shortened H8 HID bulb for precise Angel Eyes beam pattern. The shorter bulb emits focused light precisely in the center of the rings, which results in a greater output and lack of annoying glare compared with another HID kits. Unlike those brands, our HID Angel Eyes are purely plug and play installation, no modification needed at all. What’s more, there will be no more annoying error messages on the dashboard, thanks to the error free decoder included in the package. And at last – you can install the Angel Eyes on a wide variety of BMW models – 1 Series E87, E82; 3 series E90, E92, E93; 5 Series E60; X and Z series, too. Check out our product page for a complete list, but please note that for these BMW HID Angel Eyes to fit, your BMW must have factory equipped HID Headlights first.

HID Angel Eyes 4

In conclusion we’ll say that this is a purchase that you can’t go wrong with. If you are tired of the cheesy amber light of the stock Angel Eyes, then this is for you, just as our friend with the 2010 BMW 335i upgraded his vehicle with the magnificent Super Bright HID Angel Eyes Kit.

HID Angel Eyes 5

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BMW Angel Eyes appearance of this 2010 BMW 328i

BMW 328i Angel Eyes

This project involves upgrading the stock BMW Angel Eyes of a 2010 BMW 328i to LED ones. We were very pleased with the result, and so was the owner of this beautiful Bimmer. The first thing any driver will notice is the unique blue color. As you see, there is a huge difference between old yellowish BMW Angel Eyes and LED BMW Angel Eyes, as the LED gives this E92 a classy and a sleek appearance.

BMW 328i Angel Eyes

Installing this product is as simple as putting the biscuit in the basket? It’s a plug and play. But you should have in mind that for the High Power LED BMW Angel Eyes to fit, the BMW must have factory equipped HID Headlights. It sure fits in 2010 BMW 328i, as well as all E92 above 2008, but for a complete compatibility list, please check out the product description on our website.

One of the coolest things is that these specific BMW Angel Eyes are completely error-free. Thanks to the special designed Error Free Decoders, there will be no more dashboard errors and no blinking issue with this high end profile product. It’s nothing more than a perfect upgrade for this 2010 BMW 328i.

Let’s reveal some of the secrets of the LED BMW 328i Angel Eyes. The wider 60 degrees arms make the high power LED bulbs much closer to the angel eye opening, so it looks much brighter than the stock BMW 328i Angel Eye rings, and consumes less energy. The cooler tone adds a sleek and modern appearance and in addition to the brighter output, the cool color becomes even more noticeable. So, it sure sounds like a total win, and if you want to improve your BMW, this is your chance. BMW LED Angel Eyes is nothing less than a good deal any driver can invest upon, as better lighting means safety on the road. And when we saw them at night, well? They were hell of a nice touch to this 2010 BMW 328i!

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Night is Young with LED Angel Eyes for 2008 BMW E92 335i

Ever wonder what the world looks like through a pair of an angel’s eyes? Well we don’t know, but we do know what it will look like through BMW Angel Eyes. After installing it for our customer’s 2008 BMW E92 335i, he was kind enough to lend it for some snapshots. These BMW Angel Eyes aren’t your typical halogen headlights that come with your BMW. These are powered by LED. But what makes LED so special?

Well for starters, LED Angel Eyes look are brighter and have different colors than halogen headlights. Compare the BMW’s Angel Eyes to the lights on top of our iJDMTOY.com sign. LED Angel Eyes offer a Xenon White color. The cooler tone adds a sleek and modern appearance. With brighter output, the cool color becomes even more noticeable.

Is brighter is better? BMW Angel Eyes can be so useful on the road at night. With the help of LED Angel Eyes you might be able to avoid those darn possums or cats running into the streets at night. Because who wants to clean up guts off their tires and bumper?

Okay so LED Angel Eyes are brighter. What else makes it so special? Well they also consume less energy. It sure sounds like a win both ways; brighter and more energy efficient. BMW Angel Eyes will most likely last till your BMW expires. I don’t see any disadvantages of owning LED Angel Eyes. I suppose owning a pair isn’t exactly free, but it’s definitely a smart upgrade you can make for your BMW.

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2009 & up BMW 7 Series Error Free LED Angel Eyes Is Out

If you’re a BMW enthusiast, you’ll want to check out this high power, wide angle, BMW LED Angel Eyes.

I’ve always loved the power and sleek lines of the new BMW F01 7 Series, and if you feel the same way, you need to check out these brand new, BMW LED Angel Eyes. They offer a much brighter and cleaner lighting output comparing with the stock BMW Angel Eyes especially at night time with matching color with the HID headlights.

What sets these Xenon White 60-degree wide angle BMW LED Angel Eyes apart from the narrower versions of the BMW Angel Eyes, is their nice wider angles that deliver a state of the art look, that provides maximum lighting performance, making them look much brighter than other LED BMW Angel Eyes.

They also eliminate the lifeless, yellowish appearance seen with the stock BMW Angel Eyes, replacing it with a sophisticated, lighter, brighter, xenon white HID look, comparable to the latest and greatest, new 2011 BMW 3 and 5 series. These BMW LED Angel Eyes have an output of 6 watts each and powers up 2 rings on either side.

There are so many fantastic perks that come with these BMW LED Angel Eyes, one of the most talked about being how easy they are to install, basically, you could call them the “plug and play” BMW Angel Eyes. (I didn’t even run into that old “dashboard error or blinking issue” problem that is so common with other brands of BMW Angel Eyes.)

You won’t run into the annoying dashboard error or blinking issue problem which are commonly with other brands of BMW Angel Eyes.

This is due to the fact that iJDMTOY’s added their exclusive, Error Free Decoders, ensuring that BMW Angel Eyes installation process would go smoothly. This alone has me sold on these lights. In addition, the hue of the BMW LED Angel Eyes are great, being a cooler, whiter color than typical headlights, and are ideal for night time driving, when peak performance is crucial.

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