Hella-style LED Daytime Lights on 2006 BMW 530i

High Power LED Daytime Running LightLED DRL 1

We are back with a great kit of Hella LEDayLine Style 10-LED Daytime Lights installed on this beautiful Lumma-Design painted 2006 BMW 530i. The first thing you’ll notice is the great output of the 10 Xenon White LEDs, which are perfect for daytime use, as well for night time illumination. This Ultra-slim design is known as Hella LEDayLine, initially designed by Hella, an internationally operating German automotive part supplier, which is famous with its vehicle lighting. And the specific style is the thing that makes it distinguishable. Want some of these bad boys? Want to tune up your ride?


Well, this is you chance! These are universal lighting pieces, not just BMW compatible. They can be installed anywhere the installer chooses to mount them, but they are commonly installed in between the bumper grille, or below bumper. The installation is very easy, as each set comes with a DRL relay harness.

It is safer to drive with the main headlights on, however, the low beam does not fulfill the required signal function and measurably increases fuel consumption when used during the day. Unlike low beam, which is designed to illuminate the road when driving at night, our LED DRL produce a highly effective signal light specifically designed to increase the vehicle’s visibility to oncoming traffic during the day.

So, besides the safety improvement, this add-on LED Daytime Running Light Kit is commonly adopted by recent European vehicles such as Mercedes E-Class, Porsche Panamera, Audi Q7, etc. Don’t you like this awesome Euro Look? The owner of the above BMW E60 5 Series made a great choice improving the bimmer with safer driving and better style with these LED Daytime Lights, and you can do the same – just start with purchasing them.

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Brighter than Sunlight: HID BMW Angel Eyes vs. Mid-noon Sunshine

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hid - angel - eyes - bmw - 7 1

Supervised by the brightness of the angel eyes in the pictures? This is our secret gift for bimmer drivers – HID angel eyes. The HID angel eyes are much brighter than the regular angel eyes, and make your BMW more stunning on the road.

hid - angel - eyes - bmw - 5 1

We’ve installed the lights for a 2010 BMW X5 and a 2010 BMW E92 335i. The lights work great and add a sleek look to the bimmer. Now we are looking for a 2008 and up BMW E60 5 series to test this product. If drive one, visit our store in the LA area and we’ll give you a set for free and install the light for you. Enjoy the pictures.   

hid - angel - eyes - bmw - 3 1

hid - angel - eyes - bmw - 4 1

hid - angel - eyes - bmw - 6 1

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